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Tgstation13 Gamemaster
Feedback here: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=3788

Reply PM from-Kevinz000/(Miku Frost): YOU ARE WORSE THAN HORNYGRANNY
Reply PM from-Clown: It ruined my round, :\. Why would the coders implement something that is buggy?
OOC: Lollerderby: whatever happened i'm sure it was shadowlight's fault
<Joan> remember, playing like robustin against robustin will get you yelled at by robustin
<oranges> fuck other people having fun
Got an evader so butthurt he started raiding in my name. -

OOC: Gun Hog: Btw, I hereby consent to all ERP, including rape. Feel free to add that to my notes under "admin abuse"

FantasticFwoosh wrote:We need to save people from themselves, some people will do ANYTHING for antag.

Yobih wrote:Your ban is so SJW it's absurd.

<%Remie> it's hip to fuck bees

<&Shadowlight213> I fixed it
<&Shadowlight213> Now I need to figure out why i broke it