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Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:42 pm
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<KorMobile> you're a hero

[21:20:53] <%oranges> Baw "has cute legs" hoppen

DEAD: ADMIN(Owegno) says, "Nothing lewd happens in adminbus sadly."

[07:13:57] <Rockdtben> Keep in mind that I'm an extremely successful and wealthy male in his late twenties.

(F) DEAD: Professor DonkPocket says, "Admins preventchaos with good messages"

OOC: Pogoman122: Fun fact if someone trespasses on your kitchen just turn them into a nugget


<+KorPhaeron> russians have no souls so magic enrages them
<+KorPhaeron> people who don't like rng are not from /tg/ and are likely redditors
ausops wrote:apart from this there is literally nothing more to say other than that this is the first thread in five years to have achieved something.