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And then, when the 2nd gentleman drove off he shouted out of his car window "You missed a tinted rock" and I was like "You know what, you're a true fan" so I shot his tires out and left him to bleed out on the sidewalk. Ask me about Physics? I got nothing. Ask me about Chemistry? I got very little. Ask me about what kind of item would I take here on a bossrush - and I got a LOT of interesting theories. Yo, that's a conceptual problem, man! What's wrong implicitly with eatin' a leaf? Nothin'! You're eating, like, the flesh of another creature! If anything, I think there's more of a conceptual problem with that from like, a grossness standpoint. C'mon dawg, you're driving a two ton hunk of metal, you know what's cool? Letting other people know that you respect them! Listen, fucking Tyrone! I'm here as an embassador of the people - and you are FUCKING it up with this incredibly minor but still illogical problem, ok!? And you know what, Tyrone? I don't think we're gonna take it anymore. It's like meeting someone and thinking they're very stupid, and then you go back in time and look at their report cards from like fourth grade and you're like Yknow, this person's actua-there was a time where this person had some potential, what happened? That's probably what you're saying about me.