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Becoming the most robust man on SS13 as a whole.
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The internet is a joke so why not act like one?

Fanfiction of gupta+safety sex goliath when(SOON)?!

XivilaiAnaxes wrote:Good luck with getting into any other ss13 servers Gupta
This shit is going everywhere
Everyone will know your little scheme
And we will find everyone involved
Fucking POS

Jonathan Gupta wrote:sneezed twice a cute girl must be talking about me :mrgreen:

Agux909 wrote:I get psychological damage every time I read one of Gupta's posts.

Stickymayhem wrote:you know if you just add Jonathan Gupta to your blocked list on the forums you can save /tg/station

Omega_DarkPotato wrote:I keep gupta unblocked because his posts are funnier than spam text

cacogen wrote:
Jonathan Gupta wrote:you see my inner psyche in each of my posts I'll demonstrate a conversation I had with myself recently "ROCK ON!!!!! Loserx9 *laugh uncontrollably* LOSEEEEEEEER *do a rock sign* *do 20 pushups* TURN THAT SHIT UP!!!! *Invisible remote turns it up* *Chuckle till you go to sleep*" and I'm not happy either when I laugh this all happens within 5 seconds by the way 10 seconds for the pushups.

this sounds like hell
for me, it's wondering why mark Wahlberg is able to get away with what he's done

Farquaar wrote:
Jonathan Gupta wrote:true

I need proof because you're Jonathan Gupta

Nabski wrote:Gupta is one of the three people I've ever bothered to block on the forums.

Fhaxaris wrote:Gupta