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Re: Expectations of Security

Postby Dax Dupont » Mon May 26, 2014 11:55 am #9132

I expect not to be shot 6 times by a detective for putting the RCD back into the box without questions being asked.
I expect them not to believe greytiders that I am a ling who I reported earlier for trying to steal my gloves.
I expect not to be perma'd because I seem like an antag for fixing the emagged teleporter door.
I expect them not to just perma'd me because I have item X which was legit given to me by a member of command staff.
I expect them not to arrest me after radioing that a grey tide is assaulting me and believing him after which they believe me but "borrow" my sci ID, causing me to die because I am locked in sci when the almightly lord singuloth eats through it. Borg tried to save me though, but accidently dragged me into the singu.

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Re: Expectations of Security

Postby MrStonedOne » Mon May 26, 2014 12:20 pm #9140

As an admin:
I expect to get a ahelp about getting arrested (with the words 'all of sec needs to be job banned').

I expect to be lied to when i ask sec why they did x or y.

I expect what sec did to be vaild anyways.

I expect to see that the officer give them a short brig time, followed by them ghosting than logging before i can reply or ask more questions, followed by them bitching in ooc the next round about how the admins don't do shit about shitcurtiy.
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Re: Expectations of Security

Postby Cheimon » Mon May 26, 2014 6:17 pm #9188

Without trying to be passive aggressive about it, I expect the following:

Being able to brig someone effectively. It's not that hard, and it prevents a lot of trouble. Stuff like knowing how to cuff, search, remove contraband, store escape objects, and set the time quickly.

Being reasonable. I don't expect officers to have particular vendettas about specific crimes, I'd like them to be capable of setting sensible times but also not unfairly arresting people. Asking for a search before tasing if it's practical (it frequently isn't) is an example of this.

Being able to communicate effectively on radio. I don't want to hear 'help' unless it's immediately followed by a location, and preferably a person. 'Help' as a message is next to useless, especially if you are able to say more. But it's also saying over the radio why you arrested people, or why you're going to arrest a person, or how you're about to go check out the issue in cargo with reported cultists, or whatever. Sec officers will frequently desire backup, and if you can't use the radio to call for that, you're not doing very well.

Being able to communicate effectively generally. Fill in arrest records when you have the time. Adjust people's settings from arrest to other things as they become relevant. Be able to explain to the warden why you've brigged someone, or what you're about to do.

Finally, not being a total liability in combat is also good. But only at a very basic level: don't be the guy who wanders round the halls with a stunbaton out, etc. Being a good shot is nice...but I don't expect it.


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