[Domitius] ikrarkjr - adminhealing intervening

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[Domitius] ikrarkjr - adminhealing intervening

Postby ambrosia » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:15 pm #579278

When and where this incident occured (Game Server, forums, Discord): Game Server (Manuel)
Byond account and character name OR Discord name: ambrosia#0117
Admin: Domitius
Detailed summary: I was a traitor, and cleanly crit a sec officer, and hid the body in maint. It was almost witnessed (I thought they did witness since they opened the airlock to the room the crit body was in) so I then dragged his body to the gulag shuttle and sent it down, his body buckled to a chair. The admin then decided to aheal him, but only just out of crit (not bleeding, no damage over times on him) therefore making him fully autonomous, just without gear. He then used the gulag medkit to fullheal himself (so this was in fact essentially just an aheal, given context the admin knew) and he managed to make it back to station, where he killed me for killing him, and being dead as a confirmed murderous traitor I was cremated. Getting fucked by sec as antag? Usual. Having what would normally be a confirmed kill, except an admin intervenes, making the guy come back from the grave, and he ends up killing you? Not cool. Essentially punished for showing mercy, and not just decapping him.
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Re: [Domitius] ikrarkjr - adminhealing intervening

Postby Domitius » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:41 pm #579282

Hey! Thank you for making time for this.

After you left the critical security in a pocket in maintenance for several minutes and then moving them to the gulag via the shuttle I figured that it would be more engaging for them to be stranded in the icebox's gulag with a low chance of survival rather than slowly bleed out over the course of several minutes. At the time the station was rather low-pop (sub 20) which reinforced my train of thought.

I did not foresee a hole made in the floor by a flux anomaly in arrivals to drop the HoS right outside the gulag doors though giving him an easy out.

More steps should have been taken to isolate the security officer and additional non-self treatable injuries should have been place if I had thought it through more to have made this more than just a pity heal to see how the player would work this out.

I apologize for the stress this put on you and your subsequent demise by their hands. Since direct admin intervention did result in the end of your traitor round I will be placing a traitor antag token into your notes.


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Re: [Domitius] ikrarkjr - adminhealing intervening

Postby ambrosia » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:45 pm #579284

Ah, thanks for being nice about it.
I'm satisfied, and that logic does sound...sound.

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