[CoffeeDragon16] serxule - deleting spare

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[CoffeeDragon16] serxule - deleting spare

Postby serxule » Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:26 am #591951

When and where this incident occured: server bagil
Byond account and character name: Serxule, ingame: Taro Martins/Sniffs-The-Feet
Admin: CoffeeDragon16
ROUND ID: 155485
Detailed summary: https://scrubby.melonmesa.com/round/155 ... e=game.txt (search serxule / coffeedragon16 if you wish to see) basically coffee deleted the spare because it's 'griefy' when I tided into caps due to no heads or sec.

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Re: [CoffeeDragon16] serxule - deleting spare

Postby CoffeeDragon16 » Sun Feb 21, 2021 5:15 am #591979

Do you find this to be a breach of admin conduct? Your complaint is extremely minimal, and as such it doesn't give me or the headmins much to work with. I did it because there weren't any heads or sec at the time, I believe. AA being spread tends to ruin rounds, and I ahelped the two people (You being one of them) breaking in at the time as I felt it would be too much if they had got the spare and went on to spread AA and whatnot. I consider that to end up being powergaming and self antagging too hard. Around the time, I had seen you repeatedly rush spare, and then spend the whole round validhunting and being inconsiderate to other players, which I was seeking to prevent something similar from happening.

Code: Select all
[2021-02-01 22:23:18.255] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): Hey there, why are you rushing cap's?
[2021-02-01 22:23:25.977] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet)->CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar): this is not mrp
[2021-02-01 22:23:39.639] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): Cool, why are you rushing cap's?
[2021-02-01 22:23:46.419] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet)->CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar): greytide
[2021-02-01 22:25:31.691] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): Alright, please don't do this often as when AA gets spread, cap's hacked open it makes the round a cakewalk for antags. Keep it to when you're antag or have a plan. If I'm remembering correcttly this isn't the first time in a while it's happened either.
[2021-02-01 22:25:53.649] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet)->CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar): this is lrp though????? since when has it ever been a problem
[2021-02-01 22:26:51.524] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): RP does not matter here, it's' an issue that it's griefy. It's been an issue as of late because cap's gets raided or AA spreaded nearly every round, and it makes it a nightmare to deal with as head/sec (which is also why barely anyone plays them)
[2021-02-01 22:28:09.388] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): It severely degrades rounds when you have tons of tiders with AA and guns and whatnot, moreso when it happens as often as it does.
[2021-02-01 22:28:16.858] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet)->CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar): AA getting spread happens almost every round because this is lrp, and its not like a traitor can just as easily get AA aswell
[2021-02-01 22:29:19.258] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet)->CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar): and if rules are gonna be changing then people are gonna need to know that its changed
[2021-02-01 22:29:44.986] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): No, it's because there's a large amount of people, you included in this, who frequenttly do it to the point that SOMEONE will. It serves little purpose except giving people headaches. This is more of a server issue as it doesn't really happen on other servers, cause those ones typically have enough sec.
[2021-02-01 22:30:43.592] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet)->CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar): well if there's no security, no head,s no nothing, that means traitors can steamroll the station, so if anything AA being leaked without those is a good thing
[2021-02-01 22:32:38.627] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): It's only 10 minutes in, and you, a non-antag engineer, have already broken right into armory, cap's and sec. I'm sure you can see why this is a problem. I also see people who tend to do that burn out quick as it's really boring to do and deal with. I've seen myself in practice over many rounds that typically the people who take advantage of AA/secure area leak early, so they're able to get their objectives easy-peasy and gun people down.
[2021-02-01 22:33:21.547] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet)->CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar): well true, but there's also known traitors and a contractor about, and this is the first time i've tided into caps and armory in months
[2021-02-01 22:35:36.451] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CoffeeDragon16/(Mythmi Aguilar)->Serxule/(Sniffs-The-Feet): The contractor was called out after you did all this. And yeah, fair, I'll let this slide for now but I really want you to get where I'm coming from so it doesn't become a habit. All the constant overbearing tide has been driving people off of Bagil, and I don't want the meaningless tide to be this bad.

I feel like the logs do a good job of showing what happened here. You were excessively tiding/validhuting, and I tried to take preventative measures as I have other rounds. AA spread is a code issue (Thankfully being fixed by Timber currently) that admins have to pick up for as they strongly degrade the quality of the rounds for others, which as an admin I seek to protect.
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Re: [CoffeeDragon16] serxule - deleting spare

Postby Vekter » Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:56 am #592027

It has been noted multiple times in multiple complaints that it's acceptable for an admin to step in and act if they feel it's for the betterment of the round.

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Re: [CoffeeDragon16] serxule - deleting spare

Postby Cobby » Wed Feb 24, 2021 4:10 pm #593018

rules, edited by cobby wrote:Unprovoked grief (occasionally known as greytiding)... fall under rule 1. Admins may follow up on grief with allowing the affected parties to ignore normal escalation policy or measures such as warnings or bans.
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Re: [CoffeeDragon16] serxule - deleting spare

Postby Coconutwarrior97 » Thu Feb 25, 2021 3:11 am #593149

It is well established that administrators can step in to alter things if they believe it is in the best interest of the round.
We see nothing here which goes beyond that into the territory of admin abuse and will not be upholding this complaint.

Headmin Votes:
Coconutwarrior97: Do not uphold, deleting the spare because people were rushing it sounds like a fine way to alter the round to me, since it getting grabbed can lead to ALOT of chaos.
Domitius: Do not uphold.
Naloac: Do not uphold.

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