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Actual Constructive Hygiene Feedback

Postby Scottbert » Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:22 am #467811

This new mechanic just isn't fun, for a couple of reasons:
I. In the context of the rest of the game, having to strip all your clothes off is just not practical (unless you're the virologist/CMO and can use the decontamination shower) -- everyone is rightly afraid of getting griefed, and BYOND's clunky interface makes undressing and redressing a pain. Also, not all maps have showers in all departments.
II. Since people can't practically wash off the stink, the clouds are just a big annoying eyesore and encouragement for people to shout YOU STINK at eachother.

After this point, I speak not as a critic but as an aspiring game designer.

II is mainly a side effect of I. So, what can we do to address I? It depends on what the goal of the hygiene system is. I can think of three; whoever's behind the hygiene system, feel free to chime in and correct me:
A. Realism!
B. Memes about NEETs and neat freaks!
C. Catching someone when they shower adds another way for antags to do their thing.

Solution 1: If the point of hygiene is to allow people to RP neat freaks or slobs, I can think of a fix that keeps this without being as annoying to everyone else:
*Characters with neither quirk don't use the hygiene system.
*Characters with the neat freak quirk do suffer from hygiene, but they get a positive mood when clean, they don't make miasma and only they can see the stink clouds on themselves: They're only dirty to their own exacting standards, after all, they look clean to everyone else. The inconvenience of stripping and showering on Space Station 13 is their own choice, the challenge they have to complete to keep their mood bonus.
*Characters with the NEET trait... okay, I can't think of how to make this fun for everyone. 'they get a mood bonus for being stinky' seems meh, and 'hygiene applies to them and generates miasma' will be used for them to grief everyone else with miasma, and possibly to coworkers cuffing them and dragging them to the showers. This needs workshopping.

Solution 2: If the point of hygiene is realism... Honestly, I don't feel it is realistic. SS13 shifts are usually 1-2 hours. If you're doing a relatively sedentary job you're not getting that dirty that fast; if you have a very active job you're probably okay with being sweaty for an hour or two. I suppose it COULD make sense to apply for someone who's been covered an alien goo or vomited on or something. Still, if you want to nod to realism while compromising with playability, you'd need to do several things:
*Showering in clothes counts for hygiene. Removing them is not good gameplay.
*Showering in clothes does not give you a negative mood.
*Change the maps to make sure there are accessible showers in every department.

Solution 2a: Make stinky status and having to shower nude very rare. It shouldn't be something that can happen to most of a department at once; maybe a few people a round at most. We don't want lines forming outside the one shower on the map where everyone has to stop doing their jobs and be extra paranoid about their stuff. Also, every player dealing with it every shift is an annoyance; it being a sort of event (or inflicted by a rare enemy?) that can happen to someone once in awhile is more of a challenge players can engage with.

Solution 3: If the point of hygiene is to give antags another way to catch their victims at a vulnerable point... I can see a few ways to engage with this:
*Solution 2a, above, sort of works for this too. Of course, your target won't always be the one hit with a stink-causing event, but when they are, what a happy accident!
*Stink could be something player-caused. However, in this case it needs to be rare enough that every round doesn't consist of the clowntide spreading stink around everywhere. However, if it's rare and player-caused, that might make it obvious that if you get stinkbombed, someone is after you and planning to ambush you in the shower. This needs workshopping.
*Instead of requiring stripping clothes, add a special interaction with showers, 'take shower', that takes a few seconds to complete, and leaves you unable to use any slots except your hands for a few seconds when finished or interrupted (the same status effect might make stripping faster for anyone trying to remove your gear, too.) This is functionally the same as what we have now but removes the tedious clicking and makes gear a bit less likely to be stolen.
*Solution 1 sort of helps here; Sometimes your target will be a neat freak, and then you'll get to ambush them in the shower if you want.

Solution 4: Just remove hygiene. The game was fine before it. (This also applies to any argument of 'just ignore it it doesn't really matter lol' -- if people are supposed to ignore it, why have it in the first place?)

I hope that whoever designed the hygiene system finds this post helpful among the flood of HYGIENE SUX REMOVE IT!!!!1 feedback.

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