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[EVENT] The X Zone

Postby The Clowns Pocket » Wed May 09, 2018 2:47 am #408442

Instead of crowding the place with topics on this, I am just going to put them here.

[EVENT] The Captain's Zone
Everyone is a captain. Everyone has captains level access. Captains can be antags. The end.

[EVENT] The Honk Zone
Everyone is a Clown. You still have ranks, meaning that there will be a Captain Clown, a Honk of Security, Securihonks, Science Honks, a Silent Honk and a Clown Clown. The end.

[EVENT] The Silent Zone
Everyone is a Mime. You still have ranks, meaning that there will be a Mime Captain, a Mime of Security, etc. No one can break their vows of silence. The end.

[EVENT] The Syndicate Zone
Station is a Syndicate base. Syndicate gear is per normal. However, they must secure their stolen nuclear authentication disk from Centcom Deathsquaddies. So... it's a more bloody Nuke Ops. The End.

[EVENT] The Dick Zone
Everyone is a Dick. The end.

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