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On Revs and Reinforcing

Postby stan_albatross » Thu May 21, 2020 10:05 pm #562407

Reinforcing doors : not in nearly enough doors. To the best of my knowledge, only the vault door is reinforced, and from both an IC and OOC perspective this makes no sense. Why surround the ai with Multiple layers of r-walls when the doors can just be hacked? Why make the bridge, the armoury, heads of staff offices r-walled when the doors can get opened with three tools and some prior knowledge? A crowbar, screwdriver, and wirecutters can give any assistant aa if they know the test wire - which is not hard to find, and often shared on common, making it effortless to gain access to:
- The place where you can change the ai's laws
- The place where all the guns get kept
- The place where the captain (and disk and captain locker) is supposed to be safe in
- The supermatter, which can create a station-ending scenario

Why do these places have r-walls but the doors not one layer of protection?
Therefore I think the ai upload, armoury, captain's quarters, and ai sat should all have Tier 3 reinforcing on their doors
Head of staff offices, bridge doors, brig doors, and other command area doors such as eva or the teleporter should have tier 2 reinforcing.

Now, onto Revolution (the gamemode)

Revs lacks both depth and variation. The gameplay of a rev round is simplistic and boring - rev man kills head, sec man camps in cargo. Head camps in cargo with sec and headrevs contribute very little, as once the revolution gets going a rev will opt to kill anyone hostile to them if a headrev is not in visual range, rather than convert them. Rev conversion is obvious - anyone seeing a man flashing other people in the halls will be quick to scream about it to sec - and the revheads get no tools to make conversion more stealthy other than the same flash they start with. Comparing revs to blood cult shows how shallow rev gameplay is - a cult can do all sorts of things with cult structures, spells, runes, strategies, constructs - and likewise the crew can do all manner of things when faced with a cult threat - they can use the chaplain to bless rooms and deconvert, raid the main base or make the cult come to them, purify soulstones, the possibilities are endless. As of now revs feels like the extended version of an antagonist - you are given little to work with and little opportunity to play how you want. Can a single person say they have more fun as headrev than as roundstart cultist? People talk about their grand space bases and lavaland raids when talking about cult rounds; people talk about how the admins threw a rod at someone hiding in a locker during a rev round. Revs is a fundamentally repetitive and restrictive gamemode/antagonist that is generic and boring.

There are three paths that can be taken from here on out - keeping revs as it is, reworking the gamemode, or dumping it. Perhaps the revolutionaries could recieve supplies from other rev-controlled stations if they complete certain side tasks such as sabotage, and security could recieve reinforcements for proving revolutionary activity to nanotrasen. More ideas requested, these are just a few preliminary ones. As it stands we have nothing to lose from a rev rework, and everything to gain from it.
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