[Deleted] Please Read unjust ban


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Please Read unjust ban

Postby yeetmister » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:19 pm #575837

[b]BYOND account:Yeetmister Banner was alrayna
[b]Character name: Shark
[b]Ban type:Server
[b]Ban length:Perma
[b]Ban reason bigotry and saying i hate the server
[b]Time ban was placed:11:05:44
[b]Server you were playing on when banned:bastiel
[b]Round ID in which ban was placed:145981
[b]Your side of the story: I ammit I was based as fuck and said I dont like the server nothing about that was wrong
[b]Why you think you should be unbanned:I already got banned the previous day for 24 hours due to me being a retard and raging over the n word ban that I thought was a joke. once i relised it wasnt after i was banned I returned and got banned midround without me doing anything permanently. I wont be a bigot again now that the rules changed,but its bullshit how I got perma banned for something I already got a 24 hour banned for. So incase any confusion
>spam shit in ooc and ic
>24 hour ban
>go back next day dont do anything bannable and get permaed
> be a shitter on discord

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