[Deleted] [Dreathtil] Into_the_woods -- 30 day ban for killing people as antag


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[Dreathtil] Into_the_woods -- 30 day ban for killing people as antag

Postby intothewoods » Sat Nov 28, 2020 3:53 am #582288

BYOND account: Into_the_woods

Character name: Random

Ban type: Server

Ban length: 30 days

Ban reason:

MRP Rule 5. - As an Antag, clearly committed to murderboning, No IC reasoning present or otherwise discernible to award leiniency, and Logged off instantly when they died despite being bwoinked. As I am led to understand they, hacked into armory open fired on several people as they encountered them with no justification, personally witnessed them attacking a paramedic when they encountere dthem in dorms, Hi-hack may of used to permit murderboning but it has since been redone, and you would know this if you followed the rules or game changes. Has been building up quite the bad history during their time, and has shown ample disregard in past to adhere to Server Rules. Come back in a month, hopefully with the desire to follow and/or read the rules.

(broken English not mine)

Time ban was placed: 2020-11-28 02:05:11

Server you were playing on when banned: Manuel

Round ID in which ban was placed: 151120

Your side of the story: I rolled blood brother broke into the armory to get weapons. I looked pretty suspicious win the reflective trenchcoat holding a laser gun, so I panic and fired on the paramedic and ran. I decided my best hope for success was to shed this identity and only don it when necessary, so I began my plan to collect IDs. This is why I killed the second person.

Also, I did not. That is simply a falsehood. When I got robusted and presumably killed by the mob, I logged off quickly. The ban reason falsely implies that I fled the server as soon as an admin communicated with me. It bears repeating: this is simply not true. I never receive a bwoink while I was logged on.

Why you think you should be unbanned: This is an unfair ban. A 30-day ban for killing two people as an antag is self-evidently ridiculous. At most this should be a 24-hour ban, but in all honesty this should ban should never have been applied, especially considering the falsehoods present in the ban reason.

The ban is on its face absurd without further evidence, but if we need it then pull the ahelp logs from https://tgstation13.org/parsed-logs/ to prove that Dreathtil was being dishonest with his accusations.

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