[Deleted] New Chemistry is unusable without guide


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New Chemistry is unusable without guide

Postby Diax1324 » Sun Jan 31, 2021 4:12 am #588884

Yep. No wiki, no comprehensible explanation on github. Just, "HERE HAVE PH AND REACTION TIMES THIS IMPROVES GAMEPLAY"

Every reaction I've tried turns to sludge. I cannot figure out how to actually change PH levels. Clicking the buttons either adds base or PH, or just yells at me and says "UUHH IDK BUFFER PROBLEMS!".
Reactions that dont turn to sludge literally tick over at 0.1 reagent per second. It would literally take 5 minutes to get a small quantity fluorosulfuric acid at that rate. Crank the heat up? Turns to sludge the second it's done reacting, or hell, I don't know, in your hand because the reaction keeps going.

You need to actually update the wiki before you do a massive game changing update. This hugely increases the difficulty of chemistry gameplay unless there is some reasonable explanation as to how things work. Chemistry was already tricky. I had to have the wiki open at all times and consider what I was doing to even be remotely destructive (The reason for this intense nerf, I assume?). Now I literally can't even make basic healing medicines, so this role is effectively useless for me. Chem was my favorite role. Now it's completely ruined until I can get a good explanation as to how this new system actually works. I'm not a chemist. Xenobio aren't actual biologists. Science team members should not have to learn actual quantum physics to participate in the game.

So, all in all, either remove this update or update the wiki with an explanation of how you are supposed to use these new "tools". This has arbitrarily become one of the most difficult occupations on the station, and it was already arguably underpowered compared to science and xenobiology with their insane abilities. The only station I have seen with even remotely comparable lack of transparency and difficulty is toxins, and that is for good reason. This is a totally needless nerf. Leave this kind of update on Manuel.

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