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Head Admin Activity log.

Postby Sometinyprick » Mon May 04, 2015 7:55 pm #85714

Head Admin activity log

ERP coming back: STP: For, Sticky: Against, hg: Against
Public logs with asay stripped: All for
Public trial polls for trial admins: All for
Traitor security: All against
Admin observer in adminbus: STP: For, Sticky: Against, hg: Against
Suicide on round-start new policy two dependent on poll outcome: STP: For, Sticky: Undecided (Poll), hg: Undecided

Policy on execution being changed to IC instead of an OOC matter. Sticky Against STP for HG undecided
Discussion on policy when brig is destroyed. Sticky For STP For HG Undecided
New policy surrounding admins and events focusing on removing button spam and generally overtly lethal shit for no good reason. Agreement Sticky STP HG Not Consulted
The policy guidelines will be written out and agreed to in time.
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