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i looked all over forums nowhere to post this ? (player complaints)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:57 am
by tokindan

So the round starts around 12 am or so the server is bagil round id 92786, the first issue is this person named vepsa who ha dissues with me from the round before and continue a metagrudge onto the next. the hop told me to get vespa off his desk witch i did he kept trying to climb up kept getting him off, no admins are online at this time. so multiple people are murderboning. we get into it back and fourth because of him hitting me which causes me to have to have medical take care of me.

I go to security to report him, don't know why because every single round even when admins are on they don't arrest anybody because they metagrudge. holding friendships, and not obeying the rules. my next problem is with the security officer named davis stahl i believe. do not know his ooc name, but he wasn't playing the security role properly. i told him my side of the story he let vesppa out of jail when vespa started it because the hop said he didn't see anything. i've know been in jail for more than half the round duration. he also had plasma outside the brig which he than proceeded to pull me out of the brig into the plasma and leave me there. he kept telling me he takes there word over mine.

shouldn't be able to even play security if you can't follow space law, just remove that little book from the game. they dn't follow it and admins don't enforce it. i know because i messaged admins about it earlier and they told me they're lenient :).

( again sorry didn't know where to put this, will update if i can find there OOC names. ! my issues isn't honestly with vespa if i could of had him have some actual security justice. but the main issue is with this davis stahl character

( Update just returned to my screen after writing this now he dragged me into the hall again and i am dead from plama. do not know who leaked it, but he did take me from the safety of the brig and move me to harms way. ))

Re: i looked all over forums nowhere to post this ? (player complaints)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:10 am
by Dax Dupont
Player complaints/Ban requests aren't allowed anymore.
Use discord to ping @trial admins next time.