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Postby Dr_XField » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:10 am #449178

Complaint ( please move to complaints)
Hey sorry i couldn't figure out how to post on complaints. ( i dont want this admin to get in trouble i just wanted to discuss this)

IC name: its random every round.
Complaint ( please move to complaints)

Byond account and character name: Dr_XField
Admin: Elyina
Time and Server
incident occurred: around 4 am est
I dont remember because i made this towards end round but it is the round before 96025
Detailed summary: So i was banned for 15 minutes and thats not bad at all but i was banned for IC in OOC when i shouldn't have been banned. I feel as a community we dont ever get to have normal human to human conversations about things. We cant make mistakes like people do. If we didn't make mistakes, we wouldn't be people. I know that i shouldn't have done what i did. But i shouldn't be shunned like i just committed a murder. Its a simple mistake that i made and i believe that people should be allowed to do that without facing a harsh ban. The reason i did that in the first place was because an admin wasn't online and i wasn't sure if the person who killed me killed me because the admins were off. He just shot me like mid convo so i was confused ( yea ik he could've been antag but i always like to make sure) I tried to explain to the trial admin that i wasn't being rude but he/she didn't believe me or something. he/she only allowed me to say two things before they banned me and didn't reply to my message at all. I just wish we could've conversed about it instead of just " oh! banned" and then you high five all the other admins like its just a day at work. That is how most of my experiences are anyways. Im not being rude at all when i say this. And also i told the admin that and he/she was like " well it sounded rude to me" and i explained to them that they cannot determine that over the internet because they do not know me personally and cannot hear my voice. I wasn't being rude. Thats the last thing i wanna do. I just wanna play ss13, avoid admins, have fun, and mind my own business. But people make mistakes; However they shouldn't be punished harshly for the ones they do make. I hope some of you can understand my point and where im coming from. If not, then.. yea thats okay too i guess. I just think admins should talk and really TALK to people before the IMSV something something admin does a great job at doing that and i have complimented their efforts on this server. And i almost dont want anymore admins because he doesn't just ban me when i mess up.

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Byond Username: Dr_XField

Re: Complaint

Postby Dr_XField » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:23 am #449180

EDIT: Also i was told that a 15 minute ban or a warn is the protocol but the admin said that because they assumed i was being rude, that they banned me instead of talking to me about it. In the future i hope you guys can ask questions and try to find out the situation the player was put in and maybe why they did what they did. Not telling you how to do your job but maybe it could be a way to improve :) thanks.

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Re: Complaint

Postby Malkraz » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:23 am #449181

Dr_XField wrote:Hey sorry i couldn't figure out how to post on complaints.

You click on admin complaints
Dr_XField wrote:( i dont want this admin to get in trouble i just wanted to discuss this)

Then why are you making a complaint

EDIT: oh its the guy that made that based and redpilled policy discussion shitpost put me in the screenshot compilation
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Re: Complaint

Postby PKPenguin321 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:27 am #449182

Link your byond account to post in complaints: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2777

Make your thread there
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