[Ausops] - Tornadium - Worst Fleet Commander Eve In History

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[Ausops] - Tornadium - Worst Fleet Commander Eve In History

Postby Tornadium » Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:31 pm #466350

Byond account and character name: Tornadium / Tornadium
Banning admin: Ausops
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Server - Rule Zero
Ban reason and length: Permanent
Time ban was placed (including time zone):
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Perma banned for a forum post criticising admin policy.

Your side of the story: Would take several pages to give an accurate account of what went on. To give an incredibly quick summary.

-Played on the server from early 2012/2013, Never had an issue. Only had two notes ever, one was me reporting myself for making a mistake with the engine.

-Took a break for a year due to work/travelling and came back to an entirely new admin team.

-Serious personality clash with Saeg/Ausops/Scones, I didn't like their clique and they didn't like me. Ausops was part of Pandemic Legion in Eve with me prior, was kicked out of the alliance for suicide a cap fleet like an idiot and getting hazed.

-Targeted bans were placed against my account, Admins fabricated evidence (proven, evidence readily available on the forum), Escalating levels of shit behaviour from everyone involved (including myself).

-Admitted poor security play, played entirely to win. I was for the most part playing within the rules but admittedly a lot of people didn't like it which gave Ausops the fuel he needed for the fire.

Why you think you should be unbanned:

It's been about 3 years now, Been playing on other servers and I haven't had a single issue. All contact with admins has been incredibly cordial and polite (Evidence of this available), No outstanding bans or issues on any other server i've been playing on.

I still personally believe the entire situation spiralled out of control due to shit behaviour from everyone involved. Horrible personality and arrogance clashes for the most part.

I hadn't had a single issue on TG or Goon (the two servers I played on prior to this ban) before Ausops and Co came along, I haven't had a single issue on any server since (I had an MP Ban placed on CM for going afk during a round but that was readily lifted after explaining that there was a medical emergency).

Wouldn't mind playing on the TG codebase again, If not no big deal just thought I'd ask. The entire issue I had with the server and admin team was removed for a repeat pattern of shitty behaviour and fabrication of evidence so I'd love to give the server another try.


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Re: [Ausops] - Tornadium - Worst Fleet Commander Eve In History

Postby NikNakFlak » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:08 pm #466370

Previous appeal: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=18883 (I think? There are so many, that link also links to the previous previous ones as well)
pm for deets

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Re: [Ausops] - Tornadium - Worst Fleet Commander Eve In History

Postby Arianya » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:24 pm #466376

Per your previous appeal,

Owegno wrote:Denied. It is irrelevant to me (and the other headmins) if the grudge ausops had for you came from EVE. The fact you are still deflecting all blame for your actions onto other people shows me you haven't changed since you were banned. I'll be locking and resolving this in 24 hours.

Additionally, the rules state,

Ban Appeal Forum Rules wrote:5. A permaban may only be appealed once per year unless stated otherwise by the banning admin or a headmin. Subsequent appeals will be automatically rejected and deleted, and may result in a forum ban if repeated.

As far as I can tell from Owegno's resolution in July 2018, there was no leave to appeal given earlier then the time allotted by the rules. Additionally, I do not see anything new in this appeal that might justify bypassing this rule.

As a result this has been rejected and will be moved to FNR Trash.
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