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[Cynic716] Shouty - Banned for releasing tesla at round end

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:38 am
by Shouty
Byond Account: Shouty

Banning Admin: Cynic716

Ban Type: From server

Ban Reason and Length: Released a tesla at the round end and then dissconnected. Banned for 1 day

Time of Ban: 2019-07-21 22:52 CST

Server: I think sybil? Mightve been bagil

Your side of the story: I was bored and missed the shuttle. The station was mostly evacuated, so I thought it'd be okay to release the thunder and suicide violently. Then I had to go to work irl, so I left.

Why I think I should be unbanned: I released the thunder at the end of the round when the shuttle already left. I suppose I shouldv'e waited until the round truly ended, but the game was basically over anyways. Either way, Im sorry if I pissed anyone off. I didn't really think anyone would mind. Obviously I won't do it again.