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[<Shaps>] <Sadcat> / <3 days ban> <Got banned for killing A theif>

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 1:41 am
by Sad cat
BYOND account: <Sadcatt>
Character name: <Van Dyke/ the time of the ban was 21 May and I don't know but it was some mins ago>
Ban type: < server Ban>
Ban length: <3 days ban>
Ban reason: <Bad escalation, 3 times in one week. As roboticist, was dragging around a
hyginebot making the main halls of the station slippery, then outright murdered a dude for grabbing it from them twice. said dude did not attack him a single time. take an extended break to reflect on not putting yourself in situations where you feel you have to kill people>
Time ban was placed: <2020-05-21 02:30:43 (server time).>
Server you were playing on when banned: <[/tg/Station Basil [ENGLISH] [US-WEST] [100% FREE LAG] — Haram Hazard Mike (Default)>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <137585>
Your side of the story: <I was playing round 137585 I was Robo I made a Hygienebot when it was on and chap walked in and it ran at him I turn it off to find that it still pumping water and making the floors wet i got an idea to go to the station and walk and some guy keeps stealing my bot I told but to stop let go of it he didn't he keeps doing it so I flash him and told him if you do it I will kill you he did I didn't kill him flash him and ran, 3 time he stole it and goes to ppl and stealing they shit by using my bot I flash him got into main and beat the unholy out of him he said stop it and i said i told you but you didn't want to hear me out and kill him and then the admin Shaps he
goes to him crying like I killed him the first time he stole my bot I didn't kill him in first time I told him to fuck off many many times and then the admin say why did you kill him I told the admin he keeps stealing my shit and then the admin said the same shit and then banned me and he didn't talk about the Hygienebot and I using it he just put next to the ban didn't say to stop it and didn't talk about it banned me and said was dragging around a
hyginebot making the main halls of the station slippery, and didn't say a word when we were talking about it I am done now, thank you, admins of tg station you are the best admins I find in space station 13, and always help me and being nice to everyone I hope you have a good year since covid-19 I hope you won't get it and everyone on this goddamn cool ass server of tg station peace out>
Why you think you should be unbanned: <admin didn't hear a lot of my side of my story and I don't know what that guy said about me let me give you an idea [he kill me for pulling botty botty, first time] boom I don't know what he said the admin only knows what he is saying, i like to have something that can you hear what they are saying about you or like good admins say what he was saying at you thank you for reading this>
References of good conduct: <I like to play a lot on CM-SS13 or Civilization 13 servers or just play dwarf fortress, Kenshi, Unreal world, Mount & Blade Warband, and Neo Scavenger, and that's all I do when I am banned or draw art but that list was for games so no need to tell you everything that will just be you know, ok I am done thank god that took too long it's daytime now and I am going to sleep now, thank you for your help admins of tg god, fucking damn it my eyes are fucking red as hell ok goodbye mates see you next time>