Evergreen tales - pleasure and pain nsfw

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Re: Evergreen tales - pleasure and pain nsfw

Postby tinodrima7020 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:04 pm #499041

Qbmax32 wrote:cringe
If you see this image please show Subject217 some love. He's in a dark place right now :(
Fikou wrote:
The problem is that the autistic fucking admins on these SS13 servers, so drunk with power, so intoxicated on the scent of their sweaty ballsacks as they drown in 'decision making' and 'responsibility', things they've never had before, hand out permabans for next to nothing. Why not a 3 month ban? Why not a 6 month ban? No. A fucking perma ban. Nevermind that people change, nevermind that people have shitty days or good days, nevermind that FOREVER IS A FUCKING LONG TIME, no... Permabans. And then they expect you to appeal on the forums so they can have MORE POWER, MORE DECISION MAKING. "HOO HOO, LOOKIT ME MOMMY, I GET TO DECIDE THE FATE OF THIS MAN HOOOO HOOOOOO WOWEEE SO EXCITE, MY LITTLE WINKY WILLY IS GETTING CHUB-CHUB, MOMMY." And let's be fucking absolutely real here, the only reason admins want people to sign up for the fucking forums to fucking ban appeal is so they can sell the members e-mails to, like, Chinese realtors or some shit.

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Re: Evergreen tales - pleasure and pain nsfw

Postby PKPenguin321 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:40 am #499102

le locked necroed thread has arrived
i play Lauser McMauligan. clown name is Cold-Ass Honkey
i have three other top secret characters as well.
tell the best admin how good he is


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