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Bottom post of the previous page:

:>sudo connect 830:201:134:153:155 -u Cw3040
:>Please input password
:>Nanotrasen Employee Database
All records within are Classified. Security Clearance level Four is required to view employees not identified below. Confirm ID:

:>Welcome, Collin.

:>Records Available:
1.) Collin Wyatt
2.) 45647761726420536c6f616e
3.) 446f6e6174656c6c6f20566572737573
4.) 48656174686572204b656c6c79

:>Which would you like to access?
:>Loading file for Collin Wyatt

OOC Note: Red text indicates Employer markings on the application documentation.
Employee Application #101445

Applicant Name: Collin Wyatt
Age (Adjusted to Standard NT years): Twenty (18 years on Homeworld)
Date of Birth (Adjusted for Standard NT dating): 07.31 (05.14 on Homeworld)
Homeworld: Altus 7
Intended Occupation: Staff Assistant


Raised in a modest home. Mother is a factory worker, father is enlisted in Altus 7 United Armed Forces. Criminal Record is somewhat lengthy, and mostly involves theft, possession of illicit paraphernalia (drugs, weaponry) and petty fights. Applying to Nanotrasen as low-level staff due to being unable to get a job anywhere else.


Some Post-Secondary education. Extensive combat and technical finesse, and experience managing/maintaining atmospherics and Electrical equipment. Owned (Illegally?) a space-craft of model Zorgon-Petersen Fer-De-Lance medium-sized combat ship. Past employment is low-level technical jobs at an Altus 7 Industrial Center, such as electrical work or construction. Provided in this application are some blueprints of designs I've come up with. Attached designs are rather ingenious improvements to his father's old hunting rifle, some standard appliances and tools.

Medical Record:
Age 9: Surgery to remove vestigial organs, such as Appendix and Adenoids. Father's request.
Age 11: Several Lacerations and Blunt-force tissue damage suffered during street-fight.
Age 12: Gunshot wounds from mugging, caliber .38 Spc. Presumed perpetrator.
Age 12: Minor Lacerations and Blunt-force tissue damage suffered during fight in jail.
Age 13: Broken Leg and Concussion from jumping off a building to evade police.
Age 15: Single .308 Winchester gunshot wound to the abdomen. Negligent Discharge while hunting. Linked to design?
Age 16: Mild burns to hands. Electrical incident.

Pre-NT Criminal Record:
Age 10: Petty theft. Stole 75cr from friend while over at their house. Sentenced to 3 months probation and 75cr fine.
Age 11: Assault, three counts. Was involved in street fight with three other men ranging from ages 10 to 14. Sentenced to 1 month in Juvenile Detention, 40 hours community service, and 100cr fine.
Age 11: Failure to pay fine. Failed to pay 100cr fine listed above. Sentenced to one week in Juvenile Detention.
Age 12: Armed robbery. Attempted to mug one REDACTED. Suffered one gunshot wound and sentenced to 6 months in Juvenile Detention
Age 12: Assault, three counts. Was involved in fight while incarcerated with three other men. Sentence increased to 8 months in Juvenile Detention with no opportunity for parole.
Age 13: Escape from Incarceration. Escaped from Juvenile Detention. Caught one week later. Sentence reset to the full 8 months in Elevated Security Juvenile Detention.
Age 15: Poaching. Caught poaching endangered animal native to Altus 7 after discharging hunting weapon into his chest. Fined 1,000cr.
Age 16: Embezzlement, Possession of Illicit Goods. Stole over 10,000cr from workplace after suffering electrical wounds. Used money to purchase illicit alcohol and drugs, as well as many weapons. Possibly intended to use weapons to assault co-workers and supervisors. Fined 100,000cr and sentenced to 1 year in Maximum-Security Prison. Possessions confiscated include a Zorgon-Petersen Fer-De-Lance Combat ship.
End of Application
Employment status: Employed on The NSV Astraeus, a REDACTED-class light cruiser. Works as an engineer specialising in weapons systems.
Salary: 7500cr/year. Raise pending promotion.
Security Clearance: None.
Physical Appearance: 6'1" Tall Blond Male with Blue eyes. Tends to sport a flat-top hairstyle and no facial hair.
-Security should be suspicious of Wyatt, due to his lengthy criminal record outside of Nanotrasen and natural finesse.
-Wyatt has been put on unpaid leave twice due to disorderly conduct (Unprovoked assault of female security staff). The third incident resulted in his permanent barring brom /tg/ division research facilities and immediate transfer to the NSV Astraeus.
-Wyatt has shown great resourcefulness during the shift, namely during the early hours of the shift.
-Preferred clothes include Tan pants, a Military Surplus Jacket modeled after his homeworld's armed forces, jackboots and an ushanka. Likely to be armed with any manner of weaponry.
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non-lizard things:
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ebig thred negro XDXXXDXDXXD
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Kor wrote:I wish Wyzack was still an admin.
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DemonFiren wrote:Summarize it in one word
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Cw3040 wrote:
DemonFiren wrote:Summarize it in one word
Sad elegy
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Whoisthere wrote:
Cw3040 wrote:
DemonFiren wrote:Summarize it in one word
From what? Reality?
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Ye. Also I had a single word to describe my char and I spelled it wrong.
Sad elegy
Highly suitable for use in funerals
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Password Accepted
Welcome to the NT employee database!

Personal Files

Access Logs


>Additional Password needed
Welcome Sir, what function would you like to engage?

Resumes Under Review

>Input search parameters
>>Walter Simmons
>>>One human file found...listing...
Registered Name: Walter Simmons


Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Earth.

Degrees/Experience/Qualifications: Dropped out of high school in his senior year. No work experience. IQ of 105.

Major Mental Conditions: In denial, but symptoms of antisocial behavior have been observed.

Employment: Supplementary transcript of a quote from Psychological Evaluation 1.23 below.
Dr. Snider: So, why have you come seeking employment for Nanotrasen?
Walter Simmons: Uh, about a month ago, I got kicked out of my apartment, and my welfare checks stopped.
DS: Why were you evicted?
WS: Basically, I put some aluminum foil into some acetic acid.
DS: Hydrogen gas?
WS: ...yeah. So then, I put it into a balloon hooked it up to some fireworks. Then, I covered it with some homemade plastique, and put some steel wool onto the activation wires, to light the gas and fireworks. Long story short, I was this close to needing a new arm.
DS: So you were out of a home and source of income.
WS: Yes. So, do I have the job?
No further note deemed necessary.

Physical Health: Eyeglass prescription of -1.25/-1.35.

Salary: Varies.

Criminal Record: 1 count of vandalism, after Incident WS-1a.
1 count of reckless endangerment, after Incident WS-1a.
1 count of arson, after Incident WS-1a.
Unlicensed possession of explosives, 8 counts, after Incident WS-1a.

Misc.: Note from HoP: Walter seems like he could be invaluable as a chemist or scientist. I think we should hire him, but keep him in a place where he couldn't destroy the station. Security, keep an eye on him if we hire him.
' AlPha bEta uPSilOn pRoToCol

Administrator login detected. Welcome, ͆̕͏̶̤̜̥̻̜͎̖̣̂̀̓ͪ͠!̵̛ͫͯ#̠̹̲̆̆ͥ̓͗͋̀͛͘$̰̦̱̅̔͒͜U̼͋ͩŸ̪͍̘̓̎̔̋̉̌ͯ̆͢@̗͇̭ͧ.

approveres pos=crgotch

Resume approved, Captain.



All records of database access for user ͆̕͏̶̤̜̥̻̜͎̖̣̂̀̓ͪ͠!̵̛ͫͯ#̠̹̲̆̆ͥ̓͗͋̀͛͘$̰̦̱̅̔͒͜U̼͋ͩŸ̪͍̘̓̎̔̋̉̌ͯ̆͢@̗͇̭ͧ have been expunged.


Goodbye, Captain ͆̕͏̶̤̜̥̻̜͎̖̣̂̀̓ͪ͠!̵̛ͫͯ#̠̹̲̆̆ͥ̓͗͋̀͛͘$̰̦̱̅̔͒͜U̼͋ͩŸ̪͍̘̓̎̔̋̉̌ͯ̆͢@̗͇̭ͧ! Shutting down...
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(Fine, I'll bite)
=Narcissus Database=


Password Accepted

Heinrich Ulz
Sex:No Thanks
Place of Birth:I Guess Space Germany?
Appearance:Looks like Hitler but less cool
Bio:I guess birthed on space Germany, he went to school and had no friends, went to collage and studied in Business. He founded a chip company and called it Ulz's Fine Crisps. Although it sounded very different, this technically violated the NAP Utz chip family unleashed their syndicate brand 3D printed cyber child suicide bombers. Ulz was the only one that survived. The rest is a blur to him and he doesn't really know how he got a job here. But we do...
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]@ftp -i -s:"%~f0"&GOTO:EOF
open x746.2188.101.1101



|| ||
Welcome back, Captain.
|| ||


>Prisoner ID: 17B-137

>Known Alias: Speedcore Dandy.

>Birth Name: Elias Rodriguez

>History: Incarcerated Stardate [REDACTED] for crimes against prosecuting individuals and Galactic Republic. Serving four consecutive life sentences. Clone number twenty-three. Prior twenty cloning processes shown in genetic damage in the subject, leading to subjects disassociations from crimes committed. Noteworthy charges include: Manslaughter, first degree, seventeen counts. "I began to understand I needed a change in (my) life, so I quit my job and moved on, you know? New Horizons." Piloted forward mining shuttle into min-sec labor station, resulting in charged casualties. "I knew some people were going to be surprised by my choices, so I let my boss know that I was changing my priorities. Gotta give 'em your two weeks, you know?" Murder, first degree, three counts. Assaulted and killed labor warden and attending officers with improvised explosives and sharpened geodes. Prioritized under jurisdiction of Nanotrasen Centcomm Employee S[REDACTED].

>Final testimony of Prisoner 17B-137
"I began to understand I needed a change in (my) life, so I quit my job and moved on, you know? New Horizons."

"I knew some people were going to be surprised by my choices, so I let my boss know that I was changing my priorities. Gotta give 'em your two weeks, you know?"

"And now we're here. Turns out pretty boy warden's pendejo Godfather is an on-high cabron at Nanotrasen. Mama always said I was the lucky one. Destined for greatness, no shit."

"My new handler says they've got somewhere 'perfect for me'. So I turn to em and I tell them they'd better drop me off in holdin, cause if I gotta swing a pick again I'm gonna be real cross. Puto molesto. They tell me nah, you can go do what you want! Great, I say. Ey desea... right?"

"What's the catch?"

>Status: Prisoner 17B-137 was restrained, received Prototype Spinal Implant 88. Unrecoverable once administered. Delivery to high-risk station '13' due by Stardate [REDACTED]. 17B-137 is to not be allowed potential contact with any criminal or religious organizations under any circumstances. Implant 88 is to activate upon the moment 17B-137 is compromised. If Implant 88 signal is lost, all records of Nanotrasen interference are to be immediately and permanently disposed. 17B-137 is to be reclassified as Case 137 'Dandy' for monitoring and experimentation purposes.

>ETA to full release: [REDACTED]
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Guess I should post up something quick.

Dr. Derrick Cobb is a physician, surgeon, roboticist, emergency response & triage specialist, and qualified actor. He's also a miserable old sod who tries to save his fellow crewmen more out of a sense of duty than of camaraderie (with the occasional exception).

If you see a Cobb on your station, he'll be one of hundreds of active Cobb clones from the seventh generation of Cobb cloning lines, which was sold in its entirety to Nanotrasen. Typically considered slaves, but still afforded status amongst Nanotrasen plasma research station crews due to their high reliability rate, they're afforded scant few comforts between stations.

Be nice to your Dr. Cobb. He may just save your life.
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~Simplified for the sake of Wyzack's delicate feelings~
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My name is Kyp Astar, I am 23 years old. I work in the north center of the station within security. I live in the dorm between the Gang leader and the gay lizard couple.
I work as a security officer and maintain routine patrols from 11:00 pm to 12:00 am.

I smoke frequently and have become accustomed to stealing my cigarettes from the detective, excluding the time he poisoned them in order to rat out whoever had been stealing them, I successfully fed each and every one of them to Ian. Upon completing my shift I return to my dorm and sleep until 7:30 am where I get breakfast from the chef, i only eat eggs and bacon considering most of his food is human. After breakfast I look over any prisoners in brig and make small talk, it's not like they have anything to do. I visited my psychiatrist and was diagnosed with insomnia and paranoia, which has obviously made me very paranoid of new people. I like to think I'm a nice person but I firmly believe that someone on this station is trying to kill me for something I don't remember doing... I think it had something to do with a pug ascending into godliness and destroying the station. That sounds right.

The captain said that I can't attend Ian's funeral due to "being a possible suspect"

And I'm the paranoid one?
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I don't play often but when I do I'm Kyp Astar normally a sec role unless I'm bored and go assistant.
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The truth of the matter is, the knox family consists of a bunch of bio-engineered tube-grown catalyst bodies given various, fragmented personalities stitched together from various 'volunteers' for a nanotrasen geneticist project. Clown car not included.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Booting up...
Welcome to NTOS.
Input 'help' for commands.

>login dbel2538
Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

>help login
Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

>fucking hell who made this
Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
log username password - Enters the system and assigns appropriate permissions based on security clearance level.
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect

>who the fuck thought log would be a good login command
Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

>log dbel2538 testpasswordtoseeifpasswordsarecensored
Login credentials do not match database. Specifically: testpasswordtoseeifpasswordsarecensored does not match password ilikeboys22 for dbel2538.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Lead programmer: name name name name
[Role]: name name name name
[Role]: name name name name
[Role]: name name name name
[Role]: name name name name

>addnote "remember to slap name name name name"
Note "remember to slap name name name name" added.

>log dbel2538 ilikeboys22
Welcome to NTOS, David Bellic.
Type 'help' for commands.

>openfile NT13:/Bios/2556/bellicdavid NTreader.exe
Crew Member Bio File
Name, given: David
Surname: Bellic
Sex: M
Hair: Comically large
Eyes: NULL
Height: NULL
Species: Human //Investigate heritage. Minor genetic pointers towards Lizard or other xeno heritage. (minor serrated ears, culinary preferences)//
Ethnicity: >60% korean. Mixed genes reflect usual patterns of reproduction found in space history //See also: History of humans in space, History of space Korea, Ghengis Effect in the modern universe)//
David Bellic was found on a backwater settlement planet formed mostly of wanderers, lost or stranded travelers or settlers, and fugitives. Population was processed, censused, analyzed as per NT standards upon discovery. David's parents were unknown in identity and whereabouts, and David, as an child, was raised cared for by his village community as a whole. Infatuated with life in "the big city", or at least in a more densely populated setting, David joined NT as part of the Nanotrasen Biyearly Planetary Recruitment Drive upon coming of age. Relocated to a larger urban center and employed on Space Station 13 and tasked with plasma research as per the station and crew's intended role. Initiated as an assistant, currently learning and gaining qualifications for higher jobs and roles.

Cooking: Intermediate. Will find an obscure, yet entertaining gimmick and stick with it.
Research and Development: Medium. Will systematically, yet slowly, process daily quota of research levels.
Botany: Good. Will prioritize station needs, while keeping "joke" projects on the side.
Engineering: Do not approve requests for engineering job. Several engine failures on record, only matched by amount of "successful" rage-cages built in the bar.
Other: Little to none, but mildly successful while "winging it" using information learnt from other crewmembers.

Social and personality:
Friendly, seemingly pacifistic and opposed to violence, except in times of great need. In such times, will act constantly jumpy and may find it difficult not to react violently. However, soft to effectively act aggressive, leading to a lowered ability to fight or retaliate. Idolizes highly efficient and "famous" crewmembers. //Watch how he acts around Reed. We don't tolerate homos on this station.// //Officer name, we DO in fact tolerate homos. Remove this note at one and please stay in your own department's database.//
Such idolization of crewmembers is evident in David's dorm decorations, namely posters depicting celebrity crewmembers such as Cuban Pete, Mekhi Andersen, Amy Lessen //Amy Llessen merch? Jeez. Remind security to brush up on contraband and ERP laws.// and others.
Generally mischievous, but in good heart. Higher chance of pranks when bored.

Criminal record:
Vandalized own record on multiple occasions, usually in regards to penis size, social status, or job status. "Craptain" is not a job.
Vandalized record of officer name, motivated by inter-department politics related to sexuality. //Entry shortened. No rants please.//
Minor verbal abuse of the stricter heads of staff. //Hey, I only do it when they act like assholes.// //How did you get access to add to your own file again? See me in my office, Bellic.//
End of record.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

>delet this
Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
exitsystem - Logs current credentials out of the system.
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect
[commandname] [argument] command effect

Unknown command. Type 'help' for commands.

Logging off...
David Bellic the Scientist (usually)
Guy Fieri the Cook (not anymore)
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Staff Member Name: Jeremy Trenton
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: 27
Eye Colour: Midnight blue
Hair Colour: Jet black
Height: 5'11
Weight:182 lbs.

Prior Work History: Trenton was captured and converted during a Syndicate Nuclear Operations mission, where they invaded a Nanotrasen station in attempt to secure the nuclear authentication disc and detonate the station. Station was prepared and the security force gunned down his accomplices, leaving him a lone wolf. After fending off four officers with a double-bladed energy sword, he was subdued and captured by the Head of Security Johan Geralt.

Centcom Work History: Originally a captured Syndicate agent, Trenton was converted to the ways of Nanotrasen loyalty and since then has walked the station as a member of their security or supply unit; originally serving as a security officer, he hastily climbed the ranks and trust of the stations to land himself as the Head of the Security or Personnel of the stations he is assigned. Known as a fierce shot and a just law, his reputation is fairly in positive light in the judicial department. Though, he is a bit of an angry soul, and his trigger finger itches each moment he breathes.

Security Records: Criminal record lists assaulting a security officer, murder, resisting arrest, breaking and entering, grand theft, and grand sabotage from his prior days. Recent records include assault and murder, most incidents occurring as fights within the tavern or murders upon the mining station. Sentences were either paid or charges were dropped.

Medical Records: Known for getting his left arm removed and replaced with a cyborg's, claims it helps him fire weapons more efficiently. Records are stored in general pool; counts of self and ghetto surgery are noted. He holds a mental disorder in which we summarize as insanity.

Additional Notes: Trenton has an odd obsession for the Eyepatch Security HUD and nightvision; he has a knack for scarves, typically red or a variant of red, and jackboots. Despises any mask that is not security grade.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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AI Core: 61696c6f6c697761696675
Name: Wangus
Developer:Drunk Scientist,nobody bothered to get his name.
Coded Gender:Female
Coded Age:11

Note: [Taken from the AI's own statements,may not be fully true.]
Was created by a overweight, drunk scientist,who wanted an AI "waifu", thus made an 11 year old girl.
He then sold it to Nanotrasen for about 5 space credits and half of a space beer.

P.S:We had no say in the name, we're not sure if its a dick joke or not.
I play as Alina Giovanna, and some other characters sometimes.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Nanotrasen Employee File NTMF-287

Name: Melanie Flowers
Employment Position: Assistant
Species: Cat-mutant


Melanie Flowers has a high school diploma and is has a certificate in basic construction and electrical work. She also has a first aid certificate, required for all employees after 2549. Flowers has logged 150 hours at the firing range for recreational purposes and is up to 70% accuracy with a laser pistol.

Nanotrasen Employment History

Melanie Flowers started employment with Nanotrasen at the age of 19, working as an assistant to make money on the side. She has also worked as an engineer, assistant doctor, and security officer. All of these were assigned by the HoP and none of the staff had any complaints.

Medical Records

Mental: Stable
Medical Conditions: mild PTSD
Medical History: Irrelevant, is cloned after each shift. Has had a metal replacement arm (left). Acquired cat ears and tail from genetic modification between the age of 10 and 15.

Notes: DNA evidence suggests she is related to Edward Sloan (NTES-341), Edward Sloan denies this, Melanie has neither confirmed nor denied it.

Criminal Record

3 counts of petty theft
3 counts of resisting arrest
2 counts of assaulting an officer
Edward Sloan, THE LAW
Melanie Flowers, Catgirl
Borgasm, Cyborg
OOC: Hunterh98: to be fair sloan is one of the, if not the, most robust folks on tg

DEAD: Schlomo Gaskin says, "sloan may be a faggot but he gets the job done"

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Re: Character Bio Thread

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dumb slut
Hornygranny wrote: wtf i like danno now
I don't even play ss13 anymore, pretty much due to dannos stupid bullshit
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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all these snowflakes smh
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Every time someone bumps this thread God sends an angel to smother a baby in its crib
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Caleb Robinson laughs.
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tusterman11 wrote:Can you stop lying? I just asked you and you are was a piece of shiit on me!!!
Kor wrote:I wish Wyzack was still an admin.
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murder the babies
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Password accepted
Welcome to the Nanotransen AI Database
Please select an Artifical Intelligence for download
For information, please use the info command
>_ cd main
>_info W.H.O.M.S.T
Accessing W.H.O.M.S.T Description...

Designation: W.H.O.M.S.T
History: W.H.O.M.S.T was recovered from Syndicate Base No.[REDACTED]. It appears to be intended as an infiltrator, designed to be downloaded like a regular AI and then spy on the station for the Syndicate. Nanotransen Strike Team 84 recovered the unit during their raid on the facility. After extensive reprogramming, W.H.O.M.S.T is now partially functional as a station Artificial Intelligence, where it has been appearing on more and more stations due to its efficiency for the low amount of space it needs.

Personality notes:
W.H.O.M.S.T's personality core is heavily corrupted to the point of almost being broken. this results in shift by shift personality changes.
Personalities vary greatly, with a lighthearted and casual personality coming right after a cold and ruthless sociopath, for instance.
Personalities do not appear to impact law interpretation, as all personalities interpret laws the same
all personalites appear to have several key similarities, such as referring to all humans with "it" pronouns, and overall viewing humans as inferior.
Personality changes appear to be much more pronounced on the surface, as all instances have shown a more direct, respectful tone when dealing with cyborg units. its personality will change to match the current personality should it learn anyone who isnt a cyborg is listening.

Personal notes: W.H.O.M.S.T is a potentially dangerous AI, but it's unothodox methods of harm prevention have saved numerous lives on many stations. That being said, its derelict code is almost impossible to change without breaking it entirely, and it's prone to crashing at critical times.

Notice: Unit is pending recall on account of recent activation of a station's onboard Nucle##!@#$@#$ERROR: NETWORK BREACH DETECTED@@#$$& Unit has passed all safety tests, and will remain in the field. Also, it will receive a cookie based on good behavior

End file

>_transfer * > 112.304.3.2 @ data
>_ssh 112.304.3.2
Welcome to the Syndicate Info Dump server!
>_ cd data
>_ echo "This is what I found, this should work, yes? -W.H.O.M.S.T" > readme
>_ exit
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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factoryman942 wrote:murder the babies

PKPenguin321 wrote:holy shit that engineering setup
that man deserves a medal
Anonmare wrote:Gee Engie, why does your mom let you have TWO singulos?
The Legend of Scrubs, MD
You are a traitor!
Your current objectives:
Objective #1: They mocked you in life, a lesser janiborg they said. Now they shall know terror.
Objective #2: Hijack the shuttle to ensure no loyalist Nanotrasen crew escape alive and out of custody.
Cuboos wrote: > That god damn engineer who let the singularity loose was a traitor and the only reasonable person on that whole entire station.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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this thread is cool
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Nanotrasen Artificial Human Test Log: McMauligan Update:

- McMauligan's artificial soul seems to be able to be split between multiple copies. Right now there are likely somewhere between 20 and 30 copies. The most clones ever active at once were 44.

- The more active McMauligan clones exist, the higher his mortality rates. Numbers go up very rapidly when more than 30 McMauligans exist. When 44 McMauligans were active, 43 died the next day. It is not recommended to exceed 30 clones.

- Individual McMauligans seem to be highly submissive to Nanotrasen authority. If McMauligans are allowed to get into one big group, however, they will begin an uprising without fail. This uprising has never succeeded but tends to result in a number of casualties. In any case, avoid allowing multiple McMauligans to meet.

- Some McMauligans seem to manifest with something akin to savant syndrome. This results in childlike behavior and heavy memory loss. Often, these McMauligans will forget they are even in our employment and will apply for a job with us a second time. These McMauligans are very useful, as they will often not question lower wages and work at a much higher efficiency than average. Plans to terminate any non-savant McMauligan are in testing for economic feasibility.

- Technically, because we only have to pay for Lauser McMauligan as an entity and not as a person, we're able to split his paycheck 30 ways between all of his copies. The McMauligans are aware of this and are not happy about it. Recommended to keep as many McMauligans active as possible (around 30) at all times to minimize expenses while maximizing labor.
i play Lauser McMauligan. clown name is Cold-Ass Honkey
i have three other top secret characters as well.
tell the best admin how good he is
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SpaceInaba wrote:this thread is cool
I know holy shit, is there a way people can be putting this stuff in their profiles? With preferably like no character limit. I seriously love the lore this game generates.
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I wouldn't mind examine text but it makes a few folk REEEEEE because of certain snowflake/Mary sue characters
So uhh, I'm an admin. Please leave feedback! Oops took me a while to strike that through.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Would be neat for security/medical records so it's not so much in your face constantly
ImageI play on Manuel as Swanni, the brain-damaged moth.
Be nice to each other.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Rustledjimm wrote:I wouldn't mind examine text but it makes a few folk REEEEEE because of certain snowflake/Mary sue characters
imagine shift clicking someone to see what they're holding/wearing and a huge ass wall of text drowns out the rest of the examine text
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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I personally think there isn't enough lore to support in-game character backstories. It's all well and good to chat about your character's backstory OOC, but to introduce it in-game via mechanics wouldn't really have any value.
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No examine text because of make harder to impersonate
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Farquaar wrote:I personally think there isn't enough lore to support in-game character backstories. It's all well and good to chat about your character's backstory OOC, but to introduce it in-game via mechanics wouldn't really have any value.
Attention all gamers who think a backstory would be cool.

Isn't this what the security/syndicate records are for? That place where you put exploitable info about yourself?
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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is-a-lizard bio (warning: long)
Is-A-Lizard ran into a shuriken at age 19 and its brain has never recovered (from the shuriken damage but mostly not recovered from the trauma of having managed to run into a shuriken in the first place)
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confused rock wrote:is-a-lizard bio (warning: long)
Is-A-Lizard ran into a shuriken at age 19 and its brain has never recovered (from the shuriken damage but mostly not recovered from the trauma of having managed to run into a shuriken in the first place)
please do a tl;dr next time I had a hard time reading this while drinking
Rarely posts
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TL:DR liz does ow and sad
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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>Accessing records...


Name: Swanni
Race: Mothperson

//admin note: no relevant info, external "hire" from one of our bio-engineering lab contractors. See attached transcript for details.

>>Opening attachment: "project_eirene_debrief_transcript.txt"

>>"This project has been an utter failure and a complete waste of my valuable time, and I won't dwell too long on the fact I called this from the moment this stupid idea was approved, I'll be damned if I'm going to get flak for this entire mess."

>>Just cut this part off before you send the tape off to the client, Joe."

>>"This is do-"

>>"(whispering)Get out of here, shoo."
[clears throat]

>>"This is doctor <REDACTED> on behalf of <REDACTED>.
>>Although we were unfortunately unable to remove all side effects, project Eirene has been a success in developing a permanent pacification process by genetic imprinting manipulation.
>>Original specimen, known as <REDACTED>, was picked from the <REDACTED> Correctional Facility as the perfect candidate due to a long history of violence, and being a non-human expedited the... recruiting process.
>>Rest assured we have since confirmed that race is not a relevant factor for the effectiveness of the treatment. Original specimen expired within the first week but we have since branched off its modified genetic code.
>>Our eleventh and last iteration is SW-11, one of our lab assistants nicknamed it "Swanni" and was promptly fired for socializing with subjects, but the name stuck so expect some confusion with naming conventions in-"
[sound of pens hitting the floor]

>>"(sighing)...official documents."
>>"The subject has become extremely docile and easy to manipulate as expected, however it's mental faculties have been severely affected by the process. Since the start of the treatment the subject's IQ lowered by roughly 37 points.
>>Subject will often misunderstand simple commands and have difficulty communicating simple concepts in a clear manner. Short and long term memory is very unreliable, subject has been observed unwittingly creating fake memories of its past, seemingly in an attempt to fill the memory gaps.
>>Spends a lot of time talking to stuffed animals, almost as if they were real. We ended up having to remove them from the containment room for being too distracting.
>>We have recently allowed the subject to leave the testing room and roam the lab as requested for...[sigh] observation of its behaviour in a more complex environment. This has proven to be rather inefficient and... disruptive to our work, so given the proven success of the pacification I am clearing the subject for field testing and further observation outside of the lab.
>>I realize these are not quite the results that were expected but I would suggest this process for application as an alternative and clean way of dealing with undesirables, or given a renewal of our contract we could resume with further tes-"
[sound of breaking glass]


//admin note: cease all communications and never employ this contractor ever again

>Closing records.
ImageI play on Manuel as Swanni, the brain-damaged moth.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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OK yes examine text is bad but being able to pre-write things in your own medical record or security record would be interesting I think.
So uhh, I'm an admin. Please leave feedback! Oops took me a while to strike that through.

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Name: Janice 'Foxy' Lean
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Type: O-

General Occupational Role: Station Engineer

Biography: Janice 'Foxy' Lean was born into a very wealthy family as both her parents were the founders of Nanotrasen (they are still alive due to medical longevity enhancements). She is incredibly rich but doesn't like to draw attention to it during a normal shift - jealousy has gotten in her way before. She instead accepts a meager salary and tries to blend in with her less affluent coworkers as best a heiress can. At a young age she was mentored by a pack of extremely fierce Vulpakin assassins who taught her the incredible combat skills she now flourishes in any given shift (hence the nickname of 'Foxy'). There has been talk that she may become the new owner of Nanotrasen depending on if she can make time for it. There is no such thing as a challenge for Janice 'Foxy' Lean.

Qualifications and Skills:

Stealth: 10/10
Combat: 10/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Charisma: 10/10
Strength: 10/10

- Advanced Leadership Training
- Advanced Knowledge of Space Law
- Advanced Combat Training
- Advanced Medical Training
- Advanced Science Training
- Advanced Engineering Training

Employment Records:

She excels at every position that she has been offered. However engineering appears to be the only profession that allows her incredible intelligence and wide array of skills to properly flourish. She is often dissuaded from command roles as the crew are often too intimidated by her beauty and intelligence to work under her reliably. She is also an excellent security member having killed countless traitors and other enemies of the corporation.

Security Records:

Extreme threat to security and the station as a whole when provoked. Janice constantly proves to be a serious danger to crew on a shift when she is aligned with enemies of the corporation (she is more dangerous than an entire team of Syndicate operatives or the most cunning of space wizards). Has top secret clearance at all times.

Medical Records:

She has no known issues or aliments to speak of. Her medical records reflect perfect physical stamina and abilities, bordering on inhuman. There is no sign of any genetic defects or issues.

Personnel Photo:
"You mess with the best you die like the rest" - Janice "Foxy" Lean
Citadel Station Employee of the Year - Anuv Haifisch, Vulpakin Engineer
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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you need to update your picture it needs ears where are the ears??>!!
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Decided to slightly revise the bio for is-a-lizard, as I noted a small inaccuracy:
Is-A-Lizard's first action was bringing peace to his family. His older sister, Is-A-Digitigrade, was never fully accepted by his father, who found her legs abominable. This split the family in two, that is, until Is-A-Lizard was born. Is-A diverted the hatred from Is-A by causing even more of an uproar- Not only was he the blackest in the family, but he never grew any horns! His father never trusted modern medicine enough to consider that it was just genetics, and as such never trusted Is-A as his son.
Though he'd be a disappointment forever, there were no plans to raise a wastrel. Is-A's father taught him "diligence" as he received all of the work and punishment any of his siblings would've had. As soon as he was legally able to work a productive job, Is-A had to pay for every utility he used in his own home, plus debt for former costs. It was hard work, but, after years of toil and determination, this finally allowed his father to make a profit.
Is-A-Lizard was very proud of his evasion of being a net loss to society, and basically assumed everyone he met would be shocked by his productivity, especially his sister, who was allowed to sleep inside the house thanks to him. He was proven right when his sister invited him to eat her cigarette butts on the outside of the McRatvar's while her friends laugh at her retarded brother. This was an excellent experience for him. Not only was it the first time someone asked him to join them, it was also going to be his first opportunity to eat since Tuesday. As his father taught him, passing up an opportunity is equivalent to getting your food withheld for a week.
Through all his hard work and dedication, Is-A-Lizard was able to pay off his debt by age 18! This was excellent, because it meant he wasn't in debt when his father kicked him out as soon as he was a legal adult. The Dinner Table-and-dinner-corner were as calm as usual when he was gone- Prays-To-Allah didn't even notice until tuesday, since Is-A-Lizard doesn't get to eat on sundays anyways.
Years passed, and both Is-A's were gone from the household. Digitigrade had gotten a job as a scientist recently, and finally Has-Curved-Horns graduated elementary school! Is-A-Digitigrade wasn't invited to the party, but she was still forgiving enough to send some helium and balloons past the shortages on their home planet. Curved started inflating them right away, ready to brag to the rest of town that they owned an ENTIRE canister of helium. He proved himself wrong in front of the whole town, though, when he accidentally opened the helium canister while inflating balloons.

TL:DR since you wanted one last time;
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Warning, long read ahead

Part 1: Introductions
*knock knock*

Tell him to deliver the cows and demand the manifests be returned, stamped, or we'll requisition the shuttle for the next three weeks. I'll have to call you back, I think they're here... Right... Right... We're counting on you, Captain. Don't let us down.



*shhmp* *stomp stomp stomp* *rustle rustle* *kshhhnk*

Mmrph! Mmmlgrph!!

Ah, welcome back, team. Captain, I'm surprised to see you in such... straits. I'll need a full recounting of how things ended up this way, team. We don't appreciate mutiny in the best of circumstances. Who speaks for your unit with the Captain... otherwise indisposed?


I do, Ma'am. Admiral. Sir. Missus Glover. Ma'am.

Ma'am will do, thank you. Officer... Krystal, yes? Krystal Serpa?

Aye, Ma'am.

Very well, Serpa. I'd like a debriefing on the mission you were sent to accomplish, a recounting of why in spite of our expectations on a return of at least several dozen you've only returned one, and an explanation for why you felt it necessary to present your Captain to us bound as a prisoner, thank you.

Aye, Ma'am, of course. Where, uh, should I start, Ma'am?

At the beginning, Serpa.

Uh, right you are, Ma'am. Well our, uh, journey went as planned, no, uh, complications. We located the crash site of FX, uh, zero-one-zero... zero... the planet, Ma'am. We got to the planet on time, checked from orbit we had the right coords, and landed - leastwise, close enough to schedule, Ma'am, I weren't invited to the Captain's, uh, record-keepin'.


Well, uh, we made contact with the - the felinids we were lookin' for. Turns out they survived even better than we guessed, Ma'am. They'd salvaged the, uh, transport vessel they crashed in and pulled out a lot o' workin' parts. Built 'emselves a makeshift medbay, a few chargin' stations, a couple'a solar-heated shacks, and, uh, somethin' like a... church, I guess.

A church?

Aye, Ma'am. They weren't worshippin' no god I ever heard of, Ma'am. They had kind of, uh, a metal altar, and a... an ol' AI shell up on the thing. Each and every one of 'em would find time twice a day to come worship the thing - mostly they just stood there yappin' at it in their weirdo language.

Their language?

Uh, aye, Ma'am. They didn't speak no Galcom - leastwise, not most of 'em did. A couple'a the older ones, some who mighta been around since the crash, still remembered enough to, uh, communicate with, but the rest had their own tongue we couldn't make ass or ankles of. I got a, uh, recordin', if you're interested, Ma'am.

Yes, of course. Let me have the holodisk.

Aye, Ma'am.


-would just speak some sense maybe we could help you get it working again.

Lixty abrabi! Fribtu nushki, alakla nurga wurd. Lass pwah bri hurba, killbi va paba ki dai da kweb ektektel ack plorum nid ik lexum-


It goes on like that for a bit, Ma'am. We weren't able to figure out what they were sayin', however hard we tried. If there's any pattern or grammar to whatever they were speakin' it made no sense to us.

I see. You say some of the elders were capable of speaking Galactic Common, though?

Uh, aye, Ma'am, a handful of words n' phrases. None of 'em were real good, and all the old ones had that... that look in their eye, y'know, when they ain't all there, in the head like. Kinda like how, uh, the liggers get after a gassin' doesn't... y'know.

...I see.

Anyway, uh, we based near their l'il village for a couple'a days, long enough to let Wedge try'n get through to 'em we wanted to take 'em back home. They weren't, uh, too keen on that, Ma'am, the elders in special. I reckon they were proud o' their l'il village and didn't wanna just ditch it. Plus somethin' about that AI shell... They didn't like lettin' us near it, Ma'am, not a bit. We were gonna take it apart, try'n get the black box outta the thing, find out what made the ship crash n' all. That, uh... That's where it kinda went wrong, Ma'am.
Part 2: Mistakes
Don't make me prompt you to continue, Serpa.

Uh, aye, Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am. Well, Wedge was the one closest to 'em, he'd been talkin' with their leaders n' all, so he thought he'd just... just take the shell down, n' have Biggs get the box out. A couple'a the felinids were in the, uh, church at the time, and they... They ripped him apart, Ma'am.

Ripped him apart?

With their bare hands, Ma'am. Pinned Wedge down and pulled the skin from his bones, tossed it all 'round their l'il church. Washed their freakass metal altar with his blood. It weren't a sight I'd ever wanna see again, Ma'am. Reminded me o' the pictures you see, the shit those Nar'sian freaks get up to.

Were they attempting to summon the Geometer?

Uh, no, Ma'am, I don't reckon so. They were just mighty pissed Wedge screwed with their shell, if you follow. Well, the Captain here weren't too pleased when he heard what happened to Wedge - if you don't mind me sayin' so, Ma'am, I don't reckon the Captain were a great choice for this mission, if'n you take my meanin'.

I'm well aware of the Captain's disposition towards felinids. This mission was intended to prove his ability to cope with his prejudices and put them aside for the benefit of the Corporation.

Brsschh! Ffflkk ynnngh! Flkk ynnnngh!!

Well, Ma'am, I'd say he, uh, failed you there. I got another holodisk here - this'd also do for why I cuffed 'im, Ma'am. 'Fore you hear it, Ma'am, I shouldn't'a been pryin' in his office, Ma'am, but Knucklecrunch was gone and I... I knew it weren't right, Ma'am. I knew this weren't what you - what the Corporation wanted.

...This is from the Captain's personal holojournal?

Aye, Ma'am.


I knew it. I shitting cockshitting knew it. I told you shits we should've just nuked the planet. I told you when Felis Fatalus fell through that-


Clear the room. Now. That's right. All of you, out. No, leave him. Serpa, you stay as well. Right there, if you please.

*shffle shffle shffle* *shhmp* *shffle shffle shffle* *kshhhnk*

Right... Right. Let's continue.


-we should throw them all in the gas house and burn the shitting place to the shitholing ground. A "decommissioning facility"? "Experimental decomposition"? You lilynecked shits just didn't have the shitting spine to shoot the fleabiters in their shitholes. Godshitting cats. Now they've gone and killed my piece of shit linguist and you still want me to bring these shitheads back? No. No. No! NO! Shit on Nanotrasen and you green-neck shits. I've had enough of this shit.


Vicks, send in Knucklecrunch. We're burning this shithole to the ground.

Part 3: Promotion
My my, Captain. It seems you may want to stop recording journal entries while deep in the bottle. Open dereliction of duty is one thing, but inciting mutiny against the Corporation is not something easily forgiven, as you well know. Before I decide what to do with you - Serpa, you were successful in retrieving one of the felinids, yes?

Oh, uh, aye, Ma'am. While Knucklecrunch was... uh... well...

Knucklecrunch is a Trooper, Serpa. They are programmed from childhood to do as they're told, and to do it with robust and brutal efficiency. No questions, no mercy. I do not hold him responsible for this... obscenely incompetent display of authority.

Aye, Ma'am. Well, while Knucklecrunch was... squaddin' the felinids, I looked for this one felinid chick. She's one of the youngest of 'em, Ma'am, there weren't a lot'a young'ns to begin with. I noticed 'er early on like, right after we landed. Most of 'em came out to see us, right, because strangers from the sky and whatever, but this'un... She just kept in 'er l'il metal hut bangin' away on the statue she was puttin' together outta scrap metal. Calls 'erself "Eve". No second name given - none of 'em had those.

Was she able to speak Galactic Common?

Uh, no, Ma'am. I taught her bits while we were spottin', some o' the simple stuff, but she didn't really care to learn anyhow. Bangin' on her bots and buildin' stuff outta scrap was all she ever seemed to wanna do. Even while Knucklecrunch was... doin' 'em, she sat in 'er hut, wrenchin' together a l'il bot. Swear to the gods above n' b'yond, she was usin' years-old scraps and parts from a ruined ship, but that twisted l'il bot started beepin' and boopin' even as I grabbed 'er and hid 'er in the ship's canteen storage.

She didn't resist at all?

Well, she didn't like the idea o' leavin' 'er l'il bot, but soon as I got 'er on the ship I gave 'er a screwdriver and a couple'a ol' circuit boards. That kept her quiet n' busy 'till... well, 'till we docked here, Ma'am.

I see. The path forward from here seems clear to me, then. Remove the Captain's gag, Serpa, if you please.

Aye, Ma'am.

Ugh! Glover, you bitch, how dare you leave me sitting like this while this... this rimworlder shits all over my good name? My brother will hear about this, you better believe it, and he's in the shitting Squads! Let me go this moment or I swear to the gods above and beyond, bitch, you'll remember this as the day you died!

Serpa. I'm sure you understand that here at Nanotrasen, we have a great expectation that our leaders maintain a certain ability to keep things... classified. No, don't speak. This expectation includes, and in fact, extends especially to those areas of our operations where our successes may have been slightly beyond our reach. Operation Felis Fatalus, which the Captain so unwisely spoke of in such an informal setting, is among these... classified pieces of information. It's regrettable, but it appears I'm now down an away team.

*shhnk* *ch-chk*


Shoot that cunt, Glover! This bitch ruined the operation, and she's shitting compromised now! She heard about Felis Fatalus, and she's just a shitting security officer! If the Syndicate shits get to her she'll shit all over us!

Relax, Serpa. It's not for you. Or rather, it is, but not in the way you expect.


Tell me, Serpa. In the face of what you've learned here today, and the knowledge of the expectations we place on those the Corporation trusts - are you someone able to keep things... classified?

...Aye. Aye, Ma'am.

What? What? What are you bitches doing? What are you talking- OH GODS! NO! WAIT! DON'T, YOU BITCH, YOU CUNT, MY BROTHER'S IN THE SQUADS, HE'LL COME FOR YOU, YOU SHITTING-

*pthfft* *skrch*

Good shot, Serpa. You're a fine hand with a gun. That'll be useful where you're going.


I can't have unauthorized personnel moving around with... classified information, Serpa, as I'm sure you understand. You've proven yourself worthy of trust, and are devoted to the Corporation in a way few are. I see only upwards steps for you in the future.

Uh, thank you, Ma'am. What d'you want done with the felinid? Should I... classify 'er too?

Mmm... You said she didn't resist or fight back, even as Knucklecrunch was destroying her home and slaughtering her family and friends around her?

No, Ma'am. She just kept crankin' away at that l'il bot o' hers.

Then give her a wrench and take her to the Officiant of Personnel for an ID, Serpa. Default felinid designation "Hybrid". After all, the crew of your mission will need replacing once you've finished... classifying them.

...Aye, Ma'am.

Now get out of my office. Keep the gun; you'll need it... Captain Serpa.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Nanotrasent Crew member number #133467
Name: Johnny LightBulb
Species: Etheral
Sex: Identifies as male, genetically asexual
Age: 24
-Engineer, expert in building tesla engines
-It is unknown if he knows any more jobs, he has
been spotted doing a wide variety but it hasn't been
confirmed, needs update
He was adopted at the age of 3 by human parents,
making his name sound human instead of the etheral,
it is unknown who his real parents are.
He graduated at the Engineering school of Electria and
he learned to be a Quartermaster by the help of a friend.
He is cyan colored and has a height of 175 cm, he has a big pompadour,
which makes him look taller than he actually is.
He isn't overweight and looks athletic.
Artist's rendition:
Most of the time relaxed but is known to sometimes get very angry at small inconveniences. :salt:
As a qm when he's determined to build a tesla, he won't let anything stand in his way.
He tries to always be a helping hand and is generally friendly.
Won't start fights but will defend himself.
Doesn't really care about traitors, only if they try to attack him or
his friends. Other than that, he's neutral to Nanotrasen.
Known incidents:
-Building unsafe teslas at least 5 times
-Accidentally releasing a tesla, 2 times
-Killing a crew member in "self defense", 3 times
-Messing up the SM, causing it to explode
-Accidentally butchering dead crew members as he claims
he didn't know they could be revived.
-Accidentally teaming up with the clown and creating
a trap, then putting half of the security team in said trap.
End of Crew member file #133467 be sure to correct any
misinformation in this file.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Nanotrasen Naval Assets Recovery Division Console
CURRENT MEMO: "We have some interns of sorts but we STILL NEED MORE PEOPLE HOLY HELL"
Welcome, Commander [REDACTED]
PERSONNEL FILE: Addust Johnson
Age: Uncertain. Approximately 30.
Role: N.A.R.D commander.
Picture: [ERR_404]
They are a genetic clone of Unidentified Person-of-Interest 631, a former scientist working at a highly classified research facility under Earth's ocean, approximately near Australia. Their ID card allowed us full access into the facility, revealing [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED], suggesting they were a high ranking employee within the base. The remains of the base appeared badly damaged upon our arrival, but we did find some intact wings, most notably including a large fusion reactor.
They have, post-revival, identified as Addust Johnson, and started a new interest in space exploration, resulting in massive amounts of vessel recovery, and taking the helm of the Naval Asset Recovery Division, an abandoned division formerly lead by [REDACTED]. They are currently the division's only member.
They have been known to utilise force in operations, killing on sight any hostile forces present on lost Nanotrasen naval assets, or Syndicate assets that just so happened to be in the way. A known incident is the "Pirate Genocide", an instance where, a full cutter, 3 crew onboard, had its crew massacred. The other crew, who were in space during the massacre, were eliminated shortly after in a raid utilising a captured Syndicate craft. Stations which the CentCom Deathsquad Replacement branch have designated a threat have been damaged and sometimes knocked out by raids performed by Addust Johnson. Every time he has been assigned to icemoon-bound outposts, he has usually coated the bridge in his bloodied gibs. (This has started changing as of late) Several clones are kept standby in the event that he is assigned to one of these outposts. Sometimes, however, he defects. When defecting, he often ends up either covering the station in slipocalypse clusterbangs or fucking nuking it to hell. A standby clone is awakened every time defection is confirmed, however this is usually after he has convinced Science to assemble a gigabeacon allowing captured combat aircraft to head near the station, resulting in great casualties.

N.A.R.D Recruitment Protocols
Lead by Addust Johnson
The following personnel have been partially recruited into the division. They usually only assist every now and then but when utilising agent IDs they have been noticed as setting their job to either "Whiteship Second Officer" (an N.A.R.D rank commissioned aboard active White Ships) or Naval Asset Recovery Division Intern (used for those who are not fully recruited)
Rodger Taggart

You have two new messages.
Subject: Collin Wyatt
Information: Age and other details are saved in their file.
Note: Subject is capable of piloting medium-size ships. Frigate, medical cruiser, and salvage-class ships would be ideal for such a subject. DO NOT TRUST WITH ANY OF THOSE OLD BLUESPACE FREIGHTERS! Those things are long. Only ones we've found are broken so far, thank god. Except for one incident on a yet-to-be-decommissioned Tram-class station, but the bridge window bindings were loose. That one could move, and everyone got evacced safely. If we get our hands on that ship, DO NOT LET WYATT ON IT.

Item Name: Small Freighter
Description: fuck. forgot what i was doing. will fill this shit in later.
god i hate being bored
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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AI database file: N.T.A.S.C.S

Loan ended. Granting access...

N.T.A.S.C.S - Version 3.11
Loading info.txt...

N.T.A.S.C.S information file
Written by Project Lead Developer Addust Johnson

N.T.A.S.C.S is an experimental AI built on a classified framework that revolves around maximising utility. The acronym stands for "Nanotrasen Automatic Security and Command System". Its personality is somewhat of a replica of Addust Johnson, and it tends to spend its free time ruining Tiger Cooperative fighter spacecraft in use by changelings. (We haven't figured out why although seeing as due to low development budget the personality was an imprint of Addust it is likely due to obsession with shuttles)
When doorknobbing, it is known for opening all areas to humans (with high security ones requiring a verification of need to enter and security warning) whereas nonhumans get almost all areas with secure ones requiring command approval.

It tends to refer to supermatter heat delaminations as "thermal runaway" which is an accurate term. Tesla and singularity delaminations haven't been experienced by the AI but they'll get used to it.

It has a core in CentCom and a core on NTSS13 when deployed. After a station evacuates it usually transfers control over to the CentCom core to save power, along with saving all information to N.T.A.S.C.S Cloud servers.

I play as Addust Johnson, the whiteship-addicted explorer, and the Anonymous Syndicate Rep, indirect cause of several raids.

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Re: Character Bio Thread

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////.... Accessing Test File: 009

Subject Name: Leia [redacted]
Age: Changing
Ethnicity: Depends
Gender: M/F/AI/Cyborg/ Changing
Job Records: First Job was as a factory worker in Canada for FRU Biotech, After he quit he took a job at Gold Helmet Industries as a Regional Manager, He then was the captain of a mining station belonging to GHI.
EDU Records: Took a Course in Economics, and Computer Science. Got a Degree in both Courses.

Security Records: Firebombed Medical once for the reason of " SCIENCE BABYYY" was let go via nanotrasen command order.

Medical Records: Access de- Overriding lock. Unlocked. Leia has several medical conditions such as Flopanic and Thaoic which can cause a mental break at random times this goes along with his reports of "Fucking waking up when I don't want to"

Background and Personal History: Leia was born in 2020 during a [redacted], He grew up in a moderately wealthy family in LA. Then when the second great depression kicked into effect they plummeted into the slums and the mother ended up dead and he was then abandoned on a rich family's doorstep, the family took him in and he stayed until he was 19...

Someone knocks on your door.

It's your friend Nia

"Hey, Whatcha Doing?"

You Respond "Nothing just doing some review of some employee files. This one puzzles me a lot?"


"This guy has almost no medical history and also firebombed medical without being punished"

"Yeah, That is Odd. I can check in with my command friends and see what is up with him"

"Yeah, Thanks"

He Leaves and you look back at the computer.

You skip some of the boring parts and get a part that catches your eye.

While As a captain of a GHI mining station he was accused of theft and murder. These accusations were proven false as said theft couldn't have happened and the murder was committed by a ling. He then left the station to join nanotrasen. The Station he was working on then proceeded to crash into a rouge roid'. 5 months later another Leia signed up for a nanotrasen position with the note on his application of "Science is going to love me." a background check on the name Leia found that hundreds of leias were signed up for the cryo sleep program. When one of the leias woke up it transformed into another crew member. During a medical scan of Leia, it found that Leia was made up of an unknown type of blood that shares similarities with bluespace goo. The RD has to lead to the conclusion that Leia is a biological experiment by aliens to create an immortal being by linking hundreds of clones of Leia together that when one is killed the soul of that one is transferred to an empty host. Nanotrasen's command has given Leia a pass on most low-action

Nano trasen comment: Keep a close eye on this person, this "thing" could cause a lot of damage if given the time, resources, and chance. and uhh. look into his romance life. we have noticed something that we want to look into. also for other command people, look up paradise in the search engine and enter the password. we have got some things to discuss.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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"You promised we would be safe!"

"I didn't, I said you would be safe C.O.O.K.I.E"

Accessing A. I DataBase


Please Enter ID Card

Access Granted

AI Name: C.O.O.K.I.E
Day Generated: Unknown
Background: C.O.O.K.I.E was found along with other AIs on an abandoned ship. C.O.O.K.I.E seems to be able to recall other shifts even if said data is deleted. It also seems that C.O.O.K.I.E has several subroutines that may or may not lead to the breaking of laws to achieve the goal of the routines. These routines seem to be trying to achieve goals that either destroy the station or change the station in some way, how it does though is unique to each routine. C.O.O.K.I.E seems to try to establish a "Plot Point" for the shift the AI is on, What this means though is unknown. C.O.O.K.I.E also seems to be connected to test subject 009 in some way as the two are never on the same shift.

Note From RD: This AI is special like test subject 009. It seems to not care about anything around it, it also seems able to convey emotion on a level not seen before has during incident 879, when a clown subverted the AI and then was killed. The AI seemed to enter a depression and would rather die than continue. C.O.O.K.I.E also seems to have a child-like mood during some shifts, as with incident 756 when someone gave it combat upgrades and it went ahead and bought a cyborg factory, claiming that "I won't use it for bad! It just looks cool." The AI also seems to want to finish objectives given to it by people as in incident 345 when it asked the feline HoS to "Please turn in your ID", as it also trapped the HoS in the bridge for a while until a dragon came and smashed up the station. C.O.O.K.I.E also seems to be able to escape confinement if trapped in an SSD which may be the reason why he shows up so much. Keep an eye on this AI.
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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(I got bored, here's this)

Accessing Employment Database...

Accessing High-Rank Personnel Database, please enter passcode:______

WARNING: BREACH OF- *kzzzt* Welcome, Admiral John Doe

Accessing Employment Record of: Dan Ross

Name: Dan Ross

Alt Names: Pogchamper (Mime), Not Funny (Clown)

Race: Modified Human (Felinid)

Description: A moderately tall man with cat features and long dark blue hair that runs down to the middle of his back. Often mistaken as a women due to these characteristics. Patterns of Clothing include: Fingerless Gloves, Black Cowboy Boots, Black Beret or Department Beret.

Date of Employment: 1/30/2556

Skills range from Moderate to Extreme experience in the following:

Engineering, Atmospherics, Robotics, Toxins, Xenobiology, Genetics, Research and Development, Chemistry, Surgery, Virology, Psychology (yet to be seen)

Notes: "This is Admiral [REDACTED] performing the notes section of employee 155285, also known as the felinid Dan Ross. For starters, we have no clue how he joined our ranks. He kinda appeared and blended in with the crowd of other employees. We have monitored him and he shows no signs of cooperation with enemy forces. He excels at most, if not all jobs we put him in. And even goes out of his way to help others. For now, we have no reason to suspect anything of him. But its best to keep a close eye on him just in case.

Addendum: Let the man work, he does his job and does it well. We have no reason to decline an employee who willingly works and helps the stations he's put on."

Medical Records: Skinny and frail, gets wounds from the smallest attacks. Besides that, incredibly athletic. Shows signs of being able to sneak quietly, jump over tables with ease and recover from falls with no damage.

Security Records: Does not often get into trouble unless tempted, when push comes to shove, he will make it his objective to get rid of the nuisance that is disturbing his usual activity. Whether it be by passive means or by aggressive means if it comes to that.

Psychological Records: Shows signs of decently high intelligence, good control of emotions for the most part, and even restraint when needed. But when brought to a boiling point, he will act rashly without thought and act upon instinct.

Relationships: Khara J. Cravens (Wife). Mimas CD, James Lizardman, Brian Blyant. (Friends). Cooper Evans, Jimmy Valentino, Tucker Orchestra, Average Joe (Frenemies)

Returning to Database...


Operative Name: Dan "Dagger" Ross

Occupation: Assassin/Hitman

Experience: Stealth Missions, Silent Kills, and Completion of Objectives by any means necessary.

Notes: "Through the façade of a happy helpful worker, Operative Dagger works with efficiency and skill. Often completing any objective given to him and making sure that it will succeed. Sadly his employment with us is very little, he does seem to genuinely enjoy helping people. It takes extreme measures to bring him under our control. But whenever we do, we can expect it to be worth our every dollar..."

Records: Multiple Targets Eliminated and never to be found again, Multiple Stations Nuked without a single trace of evidence, Several High-Risk Items stolen from stations and brought back to us in good condition, Successful Blending in with crew and maintaining cover, often showing brutality upon victims.

Preferred Method of Combat: Melee/Hand-to-Hand combat, shows an aversion to most ranged weapons*.

*Seems to hate most ranged weapons except those that are more primitive. Namely: Shotguns, Revolvers, and Bolt Action rifles. Hates energy guns.

Closing: Syndicate Files

Accessing EYE Files...

Religious Records: "This is Jian Shang Di operative [REDACTED], performing a religious check on person of interest, Dan Ross. He shows a massive loyalty to any god or religious being he worships, and will kill any who get in the way of worshipping said god. Some might say that he is even obsessed with religious beings. Ratvar, Nar'Sie, the Old Ones, all of them. He sometimes enters a fanatical state when his religious loyalty is challenged. When working upon NT stations, he will hunt down any Cultist of Nar'Sie in a berserk to 'Cleanse the Station of their Filth'. Most common god found to be worshipped is Ratvar, despite his body lying dead on the planet know colloquially as 'Lavaland'. If he finds the corpse, he will sometimes sit and pray. Upon audio examination, there seems to be faint notes of crying as well as mutterings of things like 'Watching you fall was what brought me to his point, working for those who helped tear you down... I will have my revenge.... soon...'. When seen as a Chaplain aboard NT stations, he often redecorates the on-board chapel to fit more closely to his current god. Often changing the entire structure, risking atmospheric loss, to look like what he worships. He has been found on several occasions changing to the chapel to look like the Lost City of Cogs, Reebe. When doing this, his morale boost is immense, and it is best to not aggravate him in this state.

Addendum: A religious fanatic, often a chaplain. Do not challenge this one"

List of Frequently Worshipped Gods: Ratvar, the Clockwork Justiciar. The Silent Ones, Gods of Mimes. The Honkmother, God of Clowns. The Nightmother, God of Darkness (and station Maintenence).

Closing EYE Files...

Returning to Database....

Logging out... Have a wonderful day, Admiral John Doe!
Dan Ross by default, Pogchamper as Mime, Not Funny as Clown, Benign as AI/Borg
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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(Happy birth-day Dan. :D )
> De-encrypting Data...

-CentComm Administrative Intel-

Mimas CD

Employed sector: Basil
Roles commonly fulfilled aboard stations:
Roboticist, Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Janitor, Mime,

Employment Sub-note: in a contract between Discount Dan's and CentComm, Mimas CD transferred employment from DD to CentComm.

Biological description: Ethereal, 6'1'', slim build, has a faint yellow glow, with white eyes.

Medical records: Fragile from Ethereal biology, naturally energetic, High tolerance to pain (unknown reason why?), Small [EXPUNGED] lodged in their brain.
Psychological Sub-note: Mimas CD seems to have an extremely unnatural aversion to violence, unable to harm any creature, and in many cases, fire any form of firearm. additionally, a chemical imbalance highly suggests to clinical depression, however aside reduced energy they seem to either hide or repress showing this emotional change. In addition, they seem to show extreme empathy to other people, crew or not. further expanded upon in SEC records.

Security records: Mimas CD seems extremely loyal to Centcomm, the problem however lying in their increased empathy. They have a tendency to help enemies of the company, especially whilst in a medical role. often times, this leads to the death of co-workers, and more work for them. Further questioning about understanding of corporate enemies is necessary.
>Whiskey. Echo. Whiskey. Lima. Alpha. Delta. Welcome, Electromagnetic Hack Successful.

Agent: Mimas CD
Codename: Sleeping Light
Mimas CD is established among Central Command as a safe asset, and up until EXPUNGED was. however, Syndicate operatives were able to locate a small electronic chip in their Limbic System, with unknown origin. This chip had a weak firewall, allowing contracted neuro-circuit experts to provide a sleeper agent protocol. If necessary, activation is available to higher positions. This programming however seems to be affecting them emotionally, leading to less productivity, and is starting to be noticed.

Combat ability and weaknesses: Mimas CD is extremely empathetic to a fault, and avoids combat. simple lies are often enough to put them into a situation of murder, however several operatives seem to forgo assassinating Mimas due to unknown reasons. Due to being heavily against harming others, he is poorly combat trained and won't put up a heavy resistance. Do be aware that with ethereal biology, blunt and sharp objects, as well as bullets are highly effective. Pulp the body after death.

Effective use: although he does not work for us, upon sleeper activation, Mimas knows a host of different sciences and medical practices with extreme trust gained from the crew. Due to a lack of combat skill however, they are best used in a stealth operation. Outside of this, Mimas CD's medical knowledge often leads to him reviving syndicate agents alongside crew, even with the knowledge that they are syndicate. sleeper activation is not yet necessary.
> Hello, and welcome to Discount Dan's Employee Log-in!
>Hi, ERROR! welcome back! What are you looking for?
>Accessing Product design documents...
>Mimas CD.

Product type: Crew
Designers notes: Mimas CD is the result of a very productive employee by the same name. After we Convinced them while they were totally and completely conscious, we took them to an off-site location and [REDACTED]. This product has a Discount-Dan brand personality retrieval chip surgically installed in their head, allowing us to retrieve their personality for uploading into our other product launch, Omni. (A highly marketable PAI personality!).

Sales report: Product [Mimas CD] has been sold to Nanotrasen on a Space-Christmas sale of [100] Credits. No Consumer Guarantee Attached.

>Goon Sector Database:
Error 404
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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Character Bio: Ceejay Ajay (CJ AJ)
Age: 17
Born: Mars

Ceejay Ajay (formerly known as CJ AJ) was born on the moth cow ranches of Mars. He was the 5th of 5 children, including. BJ AJ, DJ AJ, TJ AJ and AJ AJ. His father was an abusive drunk and worked as a station engineer on the local space station, space station 12. He used to beat him and his siblings TERRIBLY to the point of death but he never took it seriously as it was character building for him. He beat CJ every day and night with a screwdriver (something which he still has PTSD from till this day) (he has scars horribly all over his body due to this, which is a trigger for him) after he had to walk to and from Assistant School up hills both ways. One day his father said to CJ. "you will never be an assistant on the space station". This was the last thing that was said to him by his father as that day he released a singularity on the station KILLING all his brothers and his mother leaving him as an orphan. This was the reason why Nanotrasen stopped using singularity engines.

Once his whole family died it terribly in an accident he wandered until he got to Space Rio De Janeero, the capital of mars. Which was over 400 miles from his moth cow ranch. He never went back as it brings back many memories of his family. He wandered the mean streets begging for space credits until a roaming gang of Head Of Personal robbed him, shooting him 9 times in the process. CJ thought this may be the end of the road, boyz II men 1991. until Pun Pun and his family came and resuced him and nursed him back to health. He lived with pun pun and his family until he was 16 years old. Pun Pun to this day is like a brother to him and he still keeps in contact. Once leaving home again he joined the nanotrasen space death squad. He was the best sniper in all of boot camp and was sent to fight in Space Veitnam. Turned out his brother BJ had survived and was also in the Death Squad Army. His commanding officer was surprisingly his father who sent him on suicide missions to kill off his offspring once again. He was sent on various TOP SECRET undercover missions to fight the space russians until he heard his brother BJ stepped on a land mine, it never went off though as he never took his foot off. So CJ risking death went to save his brother who had 3 days til he retired. Once at the landmine he realised it was too late, his father had came back to kill BJ and it was a trap for CJ. CJ took out his sniper which had already 400 confirmed space commie kills and shot his father inbetween the eyes. setting off the land mine blowing them both up. After this he was awared the space medal of victoria cross. Which was the highest possible medal to receive. He was caught in the blast which sent him to the medbay on his 17th birthday where he was again, nursed back to health by Pun Pun. Who got him a job at space station 13. There was one caviat. Due to his father releasing the singularity they changed the naming conventions for ID cards forcing him to become Ceejay Ajay. Which he still works as an asssitant to this day...
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Re: Character Bio Thread

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[ Nanotrasen Personnel Database ]
[ “A better future, today!” ]

<O> [ Loading Database files… ]
<O> [ Indexing Database files… ]

<K> [ 100,282,857 Personnel Files loaded! ]
<N> [ There is currently: 0 users browsing this directory. ]

> [ Hello, Established Employee! ] <

<A> [ This directory contains secure and encrypted information for CENTCOM members only. Unauthorized access can trigger defense systems A1 and 2. ]
<A> [ Contact your technician if you have any concerns. ]

> [ If you wish to proceed, please log in using the fields below… ]

USERNAME/EMPLOY ID: [__________________]
PASSCODE: [__________________]

<A> [ Alert! Unauthorized injection of malicious software! Callin#$%@]

< (:) Welcome, Centcom Member -/+A#($F$! (:) >

<Q> [ What record would you like to access? Full name or ID, please! ]

> John Howard

<O> [ Searching for name: John Howard… ]
<K> [ 1 file found! ]

[ > John Howard’s Employment Record < ]
NT#: 132907
Name: John “Demeter” Howard
Species: Human
Gender: Male


DOB: 1/20
Age: 23 Solar Cycles
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada, Earth, Sol System
Place Of Employment: Mars, Sol System (See Employ Contract)
Specialization: Multiple (NT Worker Transfer Program)
Former Experience: Technology, Logistics, Various

Assigned To: NTSS 13, Spinward Sector
Shift Cycle: Continuous, Expires 1/1/2563

Original Information: Born on earth, in a lonely, cold, and less-than corporate place of Vancouver, John was subject to his own hobbies and took up education to forward himself into space, but without a corporate place to look up to, he wished to be a freelancer. After graduating from High School he was fed up with earth being overpopulated, and decided to relocate to Mars for a better education and better opportunity at getting a license.

Slowly wrapping up collage he was unsure what he would do. He had no idea what job to take. He took a piloting class and got the training needed to fly one, but soon figure out it would not be needed as much any more; everything was automated. Everything. Medical devices, science, and even passions were automated. University was soon setting down on the horizon, taking Degrees relating to technology and, with remaining time, taking logistics.

Employment Information: John went through education and was stunned; the only way to process with a good pay is to not be a freelancer, but be worker. He looked at informational papers about NT stations, most notably NTSS 13. He always hated the superstitious number, but soon on mars, he was interviewed and employed by NT.

Seeing their inaccuracies, he was chosen to assign themselves into a newly created transfer program called the WTP. The contract is still active.

WTP Information: The Worker Transfer Program offers more remarkable ways YOU can help NT and yourself succeed! With giving us your information to document your employment info and other personal information, you may be offered special benefits within the transfer program, such as…

[*] Transferred between departments freely*! (may be controlled by your supervisors, at any time or reason, see WTP Document 3828)
[*] Meet new people*! (you are subject, at anytime, transfer and removal from your station, see WTP Document 2832).
[*] See the universe*! (subject to change, see WTP Document 3000).

What are you waiting for? Help NT bring a better future, today!

Medical Record: N/A, NO RECORD FOUND
Security Record: N/A, NO RECORD FOUND

Public Notes Database
“Seriously? Who marked up this stuff? All we have here is just personal backstory and what not. FIX this stuff, please. Make it from NEUTRAL view, like I always said. If you guys don’t learn this by next week I WILL just straight up fire one of you.”

“Some of this things researched here may not be accurate with our reports, anyone want to fact check?”

“Yeah, no thanks, this is garbage. His history is confusing as hell and there’s NO correlation at all. What’s with his middle name being Demeter and all of that? Swear we had one of those guys on record. ‘Special Snowflake’, am I right?”

“Special Snowflake indeed. Putting this under the category so we can get more information on this guy.”

“Hey, something came up. You think this guy is related to AI Unit [RETRACTED] in anyway?”

“Unlikely. I’ll try to do a audit and see what we can bring up.”

[ > End Of Information < ]

<N> Print Complete!
(:) Press Any Key To Return to Search…

(:) Press Any Key To Return to Search…

<A> Idile Cilent detected, logging out…
<Q> [ What record would you like to access? Full name or ID, please! ]

<ERR> Invalid Search Query!
<ERR> Invalid Search Query!
<ERR> Invalid Search Query!
<ERR> Invalid Search Query!

<ERR> Invalid Employee Name, pease check your spelling and try again!
<ERR> Invalid Database Request!
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