Talking mimes shouldn't be valid

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Re: Talking mimes shouldn't be valid

Postby deedubya » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:08 pm #521870

Farquaar wrote:
deedubya wrote:snip

To provide a counterargument, if someone doesn't do their job gets demoted:

A demoted clown is just clumsy. Plus, it's not uncommon for unfunny clowns to get lynched
A demoted assistant is just a permabrig resident.
A demoted engineer, doctor, chemist and scientist has no special abilities.
A demoted cook has an ability that can only be used in the workspace that he no longer has access to (and presumably wasn't using before he was demoted)
A demoted mime will still have the ability to retake their vow of silence when it suits them, granting them access to annoying mime powers no matter what IC action is taken.

The mime is really one of the only jobs that has innate powers that you can't truly take away, and these powers are tied to whether the mime speaks or not. Is killing your coworker for speaking weird from an RP perspective? Yes. But it'll have to be replaced with serious IC consequences that go beyond a temporary inconvenience.

The punishment for breaking the vow is being locked out of your griffwalls for a not insignificant amount of time until you can renew your vow. In fact, that just made me think up a fairly decent code solution: The timer for being able to re-take your vow of silence resets every time you use the "say" verb, rather than it just being a static timer starting when you broke it in the first place.

Also, lynching the clown without proper escalation is still against the rules, so I'm not sure how that applies as a point in support of this.
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Re: Talking mimes shouldn't be valid

Postby Cobby » Fri Nov 01, 2019 2:05 pm #521964

Farquaar wrote:your post

Clowns do not get lynched if they are not funny, and demoted doctors can still drink doctor's delight for a buff. I would however permit valids for lubing, but that's not exclusive to the clown doing it.

The mime cannot use their powers while they are breaking their vow. If so, it's a bug.
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