[MRP] Murderbone Definition/Section Tweaks

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[MRP] Murderbone Definition/Section Tweaks

Postby Cobby » Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:26 am #577030

Murderboning refers to killing typically large amounts of the station’s population without regard and/or in direct violation of one’s objectives. If you killed someone and you cannot explain why without going into deep hypotheticals such as "they could find the body if they happened to walk across the station to the opposite corner of the map", or “because I can (as antag)”, you are very likely falling into the murderboning category.

This is different than killing individuals who simply aren’t listed in your objective. Actions that would NOT be considered murderboning include:

Self-defense. Someone actively trying to make it difficult for you to complete your objectives is fine to eliminate in pursuit of completing your objective. This would include witnesses.
Collateral. If you for instance bomb your target, it is not considered murderboning if other individuals die in the explosion. This can include self-defense situations where individuals dying from a result of being in a crowd after you would also not be considered murderbone.
Directly benefits the pursuit of your objective(s). An individual carrying an item you have to steal or killing someone to get closer to your mark (IE a doctor whose patient just happens to be your target) would fall into this category.

Setting up situations where you can evade these restrictions (IE placing a body in an open location, not making an honest attempt to hide it, then killing individuals who “stumble” upon it) or otherwise maximizing the kill count without justification is also considered murderboning.

In short, you should be able to very quickly and easily explain why an individual was killed.

Do note that as an antagonist, your job ideally is to create an interesting story with the objectives,freedoms, and abilities as the framework to complete this task. This means 1) permission to kill is NOT the same as obligation to kill. Feel free to approach a situation as non-lethal as you’d like even if you would be okayed by the administration to kill. 2) Feel free to ask an admin to change your objectives or for permission to murderbone in the pursuit of running an interesting gimmick on a non-murderboning role. They might even be willing to make it easier to run!

I believe the current section nuances on the less important part of murderboning, which is the "how much?" instead of the "why?". The suggestion above, which is intended to replace the current section (although most of the concepts were retained) hopes to ratify or otherwise tweak the definition to capture this.

The existing section also begs the question of how many free-kills get to go by before it stops becoming "quirky antag freedom" or whatever and becomes murderboning. Considering I have not seen a conversation about this in PD or admin channels im going to assume it's enforced similar to above.
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Re: [MRP] Murderbone Definition/Section Tweaks

Postby Misdoubtful » Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:40 am #577075

Bingo on this concept. Justification and context are the name of the game, and adding something about the process of doing/killing in order to complete objectives is a nice touch up.

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Re: [MRP] Murderbone Definition/Section Tweaks

Postby Space Panda » Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:54 am #577076

I really like this. Good job, catboy.

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Re: [MRP] Murderbone Definition/Section Tweaks

Postby Coconutwarrior97 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 8:05 am #577161

We 100% agree with this and are very happy with implementing this as the updated definition for murderboning for the MRP rules.
Thanks cobby!

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