[darkgenerallord] - daycation

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[darkgenerallord] - daycation

Postby ShizCalev » Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:22 am #321921

Byond account and character name: ShizCalev
Banning admin: darkgenerallord.
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Server ban.
Ban reason and length:
Reason: Got forceborged to a traitor AI, and then turned on the turrets in the upload to lethals, ignoring the AI's orders. Sure, you could have missed the instructions, but you also never responded to anything asking why you turned on the turrets. At the moment it looks like you turned them on to spite the AI due to not wanting to be a borg, and that really isn't okay. This is more or less equivalent to intentionally fucking over a team antagonist due to being annoyed at conversion.


Time ban was placed (including time zone):
21:09 server time

Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil):
Basil - 73998 - https://tgstation13.org/parsed-logs/bas ... 8/game.txt

Your side of the story:
Got forceborged by a tator under a MALF AI, was fine with it. AI stated we were free to do whatever we wanted; so I went to go look around the station, saw the HOP entering AI's upload. Turned on the stun turrets to drive them out, they ran out. AI said to let them back in.
An officer and the captain then rushed the area while everyone was yelling that the AI was rogue.
I was being attacked by the officer with a flash, he drew a stunbaton. The HOP and the captain entered the upload trying to change the AI's laws.
I managed to get past the officer who was stunlocking me with a flash, having not read chat I turned on lethals to try to get them to stop killing me and prevent them from changing the AI's / my laws.
Afterward, I noticed the AI stated not to kill humans randomly, (I didn't notice until afterward as I was not looking at chat since it was being spammed with the message "something is there" or whatever it says when you can't hear) however the reason I attempted to kill them was not random, it was directly targeted as I was being attacked by said humans.
The officer then stunlocked me again in the chamber, causing me to get lasered to death, then I was remotely blown up by the AI which killed all three individuals in the upload.
I got adminPM'd a few minutes later (around 20:40~20:41) as I was preparing to head out (my death was at 20:38)
I answered immediately, then didn't hear anything back after their reply.
I ended up leaving as I didn't hear anything back from the admin afterward (since I still have the byond window up, I managed to pull the times.)
Darkgenerallord then asked me another question at 20:52:05 from what I can see (10 minutes after the previous adminPM.)
As I was not there, I was unable to respond to the message. I was then banned at 21:09

Why you think you should be unbanned:
Due to the very long delay after answering the first adminPM (roughly 10 minutes passed between them judging by the logs), I assumed that they had resolved the adminhelp ticket and I went AFK. My ghost was in the same spot for over 30 minutes when the ban was issued which should have been an indicator that I was likely AFK and not just ignoring an admin's messages.

The reason I had turned on the turrets was not "to spite" anyone for being turned into a MALF borg, it was because I was actively being attacked by an officer with a flash (and he also had just drawn his stunbaton) who forced his way inside the AI upload while two heads were attempting to mess with our laws all the while as the crew was screaming that the borgs and the AI was rogue.
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Re: [darkgenerallord] - daycation

Postby Darkgenerallord » Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:36 am #321927

I'm completely willing to lift this, the reason the ban was applied was because I asked you a few after you finished replying, you never replied. Both I and Owegno periodically sent PMs seeing if you were back etc, but from my point of view it looked like you left after that first reply, and I was still investigating. Please actually state you're leaving/going afk indefinitely, or wait until the investigating admin states they are done.

You stated you were being flashed and thus missed the AI's orders and turned on the turrets the second time, but the reason you turned on the turrets the first time is what I wanted to know (since apparently the flashing only started after that). From an outside perspective, it looked like you deliberately turned on the turrets the first time to get the AI called rogue etc due to the forceborging. I went off the logs, the other borgs/Ai's side of the story, etc and they all thought it was a deliberate attempt, and I was leaning that way fairly early as well. My own fault, I probably should have just waited for you to come back within a few rounds and spoken to you then.

Please avoid turning on the turrets if the AI has not as a rogue AI, as it's probably intentional.

Probably should have gone for the less cynical path, I apologize. This was my own mistake.


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