[DaxYeen] Rowan McDonohugh -- BoHing mining xenos

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[DaxYeen] Rowan McDonohugh -- BoHing mining xenos

Postby ChemicalRascal » Fri May 04, 2018 5:33 pm #407006

Byond account and character name: ChemicalRascal, as Rowan McDonohugh
Banning admin: DaxYeen
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Server, 24-hours.
Ban reason and length: "You have been banned by daxyeen. Reason: BoH bombed lavaland, nearly killing and stranding a crewmember there because of xenos who where nowhere near the base."
Time ban was placed (including time zone): ~17:00 UTC, 05th of May
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Bagil

Your side of the story:
As Captain, I and sec came to be aware of xenos taking over the lavaland base, to the point of the shuttle coming up and windows being replaced with resin walls -- so we aren't talking mob xenos here, but player xenos. I, a borg, and a random sec officer went down, saw that they had facehuggers and nooooped the fuck right back out.

The HoS suggested, at this point, that BOH bombing would be the cleanest way to deal with the situation. It's relatively clean, you can repair back from it relatively easily (the mining shuttle can be recalled, rebuilt somewhat, and all mining really needs is a tcomms relay, which notably was broken at the time, we couldn't get comms out when we were down there). Dodging Lord Singulo isn't too hard when you're on foot and gravity is assured, so in the remote chance that someone was down there, well, they wouldn't actually be in a terrible state. Lavaland turfs aren't destroyed, so it's not like we're talking about a sudden swathe of space being opened up.

We threw a lizard officer at it first, but they didn't clone back up and the shuttle returned clean, so I presumed they messed it up somehow. So, I went down, BoH bombed, and was autocloned back out. Got bwoinked mid-clone, ran back to Cap's office, got to the locker to grab a headset, and then got banned. Short exchange follows, extraneous bits of gametext removed.

Admin PM from-DaxYeen: Hi! Can you explain why you BoH bombed lavaland?
PM to-Admins: Because of aliens. It was the HoS' idea.
PM to-Admins: Xenomorphs, specifically.
Admin PM from-DaxYeen: That's not a valid reason to cause so much collateral especially not with them no where near the base
PM to-Admins: Nobody is alive down there.
Admin PM from-DaxYeen: Except Katerina
Admin PM from-DaxYeen: who very nearly I just saw escape
PM to-Admins: And yes it is, it's a threat to everyone up here. We've been talking about this for the last thirty minutes, dude.
There is a bright flash!
You feel like a new being.
Your eyes sting a little.
Admin PM from-DaxYeen: So you don't understand what you did was wrong and you still feel what you did was right?
PM to-Admins: I feel like if it was wrong, you would have stepped in during the discussion phase.
You unlock captain's locker.
You have been banned by daxyeen.

Why you think you should be unbanned:
Most importantly, it seems that Dax's ban is because a crewmember was stranded down there. This was the case regardless of whether we were going for the BoH bomb or not. The console was well smashed down there, and there was no way for them to get up as a result, as we weren't going to be sending the shuttle down any time soon except purely to go for the bomb. A singulo isn't terribly difficult to outrun on TG, if you can be sure you have gravity the whole time -- and you do, on lavaland -- and again, they were stranded regardless. Dax didn't wait for them to die before banning, either, so I have no idea how that went. I wouldn't be surprised if they survived.

"Collateral damage" of the base isn't something I've ever seen anyone worry about. What I am aware of is the actual damage to the base -- the singulo immediately went north and East from the shuttle. It probably went through the suit storage, and obviously it took out the shuttle, but I don't think it took out anything else. Apart from rocks. Do we care about rocks, now?

I'd also like to point out that Dax barely spoke to me about the situation before hitting the ban button. That, to me, is a real issue here, because they chose to ignore the twenty-odd minutes of discussion leading up to the event, and the prior attempt, but were so incredibly on-the-ball as to hit ban without even considering what I had to say for a minute. We're talkin' a bwoink-to-ban time of under sixty seconds here. I don't feel like Dax asked for me to justify my actions, I feel like they'd made their mind well up as soon as they saw the boh-bomb notification.

TL,DR: Kat was stranded regardless, "collateral damage" is what?, Dax was upsettingly quick on the draw.

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Re: [DaxYeen] Rowan McDonohugh -- BoHing mining xenos

Postby SpaceInaba » Fri May 04, 2018 5:41 pm #407007

ChemicalRascal wrote:The console was well smashed down there, and there was no way for them to get up as a result

just for context was it smashed as in completely no more console or was the screen just smashed out of it because all you have to do to replace the screen is to just weld some shards or deconstruct the nearby window across the hall

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Re: [DaxYeen] Rowan McDonohugh -- BoHing mining xenos

Postby Dax Dupont » Fri May 04, 2018 5:51 pm #407010

You gotta understand that admins aren't constantly watching the game, I was alttabbing back and forward between two servers I was on, and mostly watching the other server at the time and making/eating food. I had just alttabbed to where I was watching, which was lavaland, since some extremely new player got ordered by you to boh bomb lavaland as well, and his went straight for the gulag. He also got a fat bwoink for it. At least he showed reason and understanding why what he did was wrong. I went to make food after dealing with that situation. I mistakenly figured that people wouldn't BoH bomb lavaland twice but here we are.

You heavily irradiated the mining base and crewmember down there.

You destroyed most of the base, including creating a giant lava moat between well the crew member and the shuttle. Also destroying the shuttle in the progress. I deleted the singularity to stop that mess after finding out if there was a legit reason.

Yes the console was smashed, not gone, but they could've gotten out if they still had access to the shuttle which was sent back and generally would get send back regardless of your actions. They already sent a dead lizard back on said shuttle and was trying to get more people back.

Causing mass destruction to the station or the lavaland base is simply unacceptable. Same goes for people bombing the station.

Not only did you cause collateral, you did so without killing any xenos since they were half way across lavaland.

PS: I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision. You BoH'd lavaland, didn't understand why that was a bad thing and your only excuse was "the admins would've intervened". I don't need to debate right or wrong for 20 minutes to understand this clear cut situation. Just like you and the headmins have all information now and they can make an informed decision too.
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Re: [DaxYeen] Rowan McDonohugh -- BoHing mining xenos

Postby ChemicalRascal » Fri May 04, 2018 5:52 pm #407012

Fair point. To clarify, I don't recall seeing a smashed console down there, so my gut was saying it was the former situation, not something a stranded miner would have been able to repair.

EDIT: This was in response to SpaceInaba.

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Re: [DaxYeen] Rowan McDonohugh -- BoHing mining xenos

Postby Rustledjimm » Fri May 04, 2018 5:59 pm #407024

Yeah, the amount of devastation a singulo causes to lavaland is in no way repairable. I feel like a day for this was appropriate. Appeal denied.
So uhh, I'm an admin. Please leave feedback! Oops took me a while to strike that through.

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