[Virtual John] halfday ban for spacing a body

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[Virtual John] halfday ban for spacing a body

Postby Suno » Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:57 pm #477422

Byond account and character name:Sunoplyrus/Suno Kapana
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 7:00PM -3 GMT

Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): All

Your side of the story:
As a curator while maintaining the library, a scientist namely Ruben Fiscina tried to break one of the displays containing plasma, I asked their purpose behind this and was replied with a "YEAH", I requested twice that they should've stopped doing such and afterwards, began to try and drag them away from it, eventually they give up, but after I had gotten myself busy with looking for bedsheets, I come back to the sight of the same scientist which was previously being a nuisance not exclusive to me, breaking down a windoor of a small portion of the library surrounded by wooden tables, some walls and the door, so with that I naturally went in and tried to take his mean of destruction away, only to be religiously smacked by punches until knocked down and while down, I took a lit welding tool and hit them once then threw the welding tool while he distanced himself, hitting him once more, and so he fled, just to return a few seconds later with a screwdriver, and proceeding to stab me in the eyes, luckily I managed to disarm them, take their screwdriver and stab him to death, afterwards I looked for a body bad and noticed that he hadn't even put his ID onto his PDA, yet they had the knowledge of stabbing people in the eyes, this led me to conclude that the player had only joined to stir trouble and rather than leaving it there took precautions for them to not be cloned and spaced the body. Minutes later I receive an adminPM

Why you think you should be unbanned:
I feel as if were unfair for me to get punished with a ban, rather than a warning or note, giving the circumstances behind my actions. I also comprehend the need to rely on the admins to do what they're supposed to do, and I'm no fan of putting out excuses or apologies when I'm aware of what I could've done differently, but despite that I am putting out this appeal in hopes that someone could sympathize with my reasoning.

Logs for convenience:
https://tgstation13.org/parsed-logs/syb ... nd-102090/

excuse me if my grammar failed anywhere, i had to rewrite this due to accidentally closing the tab

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Re: [Virtual John] halfday ban for spacing a body

Postby Virtual John » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:25 am #477439

You have a bit over a thousand hours of playtime, so I figured you would have known somewhere along the way that spacing people as a non-antag is a no no, which is why I didn't give you just a warning or a note. There were different options you could have taken here with none of them having you needing a ban. Calling security on the guy after you dropped him, or simply not even touching him or bringing him to medbay since he was indeed in the wrong. He was in the wrong the entire time through this, but you spacing his body was over the top and removed him out of play completely.

As such, I remain by my stance and say this is denied. As always, any headmin may come in and look at this and tell me I'm wrong and reverse this. Barring that, we'll see you at 10 am in the morning tomorrow.

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Re: [Virtual John] halfday ban for spacing a body

Postby wesoda25 » Wed Feb 20, 2019 5:13 am #477461

Past precedent states that “If you do something for no purpose other than to make other people mad, I will ban you if you ahelp your death”. If constantly fucking with someone’s department for no reason other than to start shit doesn’t qualify as this, I dunno what does. Similarly, since when has it been a thing that you can’t perma remove people from the round as non antag?

If they left the body, he would have gotten cloned and immediately try to perma remove them from the round. Escalation forces you to extremes in order to keep yourself alive. Players who clearly are trying to start shit shouldn’t be protected by the rules smh

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Re: [Virtual John] halfday ban for spacing a body

Postby Nervere » Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:07 am #477760

Hi, I had a talk with John and we discussed the details of the ban. Namely, we discussed how the player was rather obviously griefing and wasn't reserved the right to be cloned after he came into your library a second time when you threw him out, especially with how aggressive he was. While the ban has already expired, John has now decided to remove the note from your account. Thanks for appealing!

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