[Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

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[Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

Postby Fopat » Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:25 pm #509242

Byond account : Folte
Character name: Adamantine Pyrolusite
Banning admin: Subject217
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Server
Ban reason and length: " You have consistenly proven to be someone who throws gigantic fits of anger when something doesnt go his way, to the point of breaking several rules each time, including egregious OOC in IC and repeatedly trying to hurt several random people.
Just now, you spawned as a free golem and proceeded to try to murder the other free golems because "Using my Anger on innocent people ". This is far from a isulated incident for you, as well. If your anger issues are bad enough that you cannot play on the server without greifing other people the moment something doesnt go your way. You dont deserve to play here " This ban was applied in 2018-11-30
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Bagil
Your side of the story: In this case I really cant say anything , the admin was right about everything on the appeal .
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well it as passed a year since this ban in that whole year alot things happened . I also tryied to ban evade and I regret doing it just because this one of the only servers that actually as good admins in the most part, and well ban evading is bad and I shouldnt never did it . And the anger it is on the past and I really fell sorry for the experencies that I destroyed in my anger rampange and the admin was right I did alot of shit in that server , that Im not proud today.
And I just wanted to play again the nostalgia this was one of the first servers I played , when I discovered it and I destroyed everything because of anger . In the time space of a year I had many phases on ss13 and in those phases I resolved my anger problem . I hope I can play again on this server
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Re: [Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

Postby bobbahbrown » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:12 pm #509302

This ban occurred in round 97862 on Bagil. (src, statbus, scrubby)

This ban was placed at approximately 20:10 UTC on 2018-11-30. You originally joined the round as Kim Sum Tum, the scientist, but were playing as a golem at the time of the ban. (Adamantine Pyrolusite).

As Subject217 is no longer an administrator at this time, your appeal will be handled by a head administrator.

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Re: [Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

Postby Fopat » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:25 pm #509763

No Automatic week ban is happening , also I play alot in bad deathclaw
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Re: [Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

Postby factoryman942 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:42 pm #509776

previous appeals:
from the banning admin, on the second appeal:
While I'm glad that you made a serious appeal, you still seem quite upset and I cannot really believe that you have honestly learned and are going to change your ways a mere one day after you got banned. "Technically" you already appealed this ban and were denied, just yesterday. You should try playing on a different server. If you can do that and come back with a good record I'm willing to accept an appeal from you in about 6 months or so. Until then though, I am going to do the server a favor and deny this.

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Re: [Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

Postby wubli » Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:32 am #510242

Have you played in any other servers since your ban?
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Re: [Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

Postby Fopat » Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:05 am #510898

I already said 5 times that I like to play alot in badeathclaw and for some reason no off those passed to the appeal , so its simple make this pass so I dont get a week ban because I didint asnwer a admin when I did that 4 times now make this pass

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Re: [Subject217] Folte - The Ban Appeal

Postby Krusvik » Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:51 am #511355

I can speak with confidence that I see no indication this ban will be lifted. Based on the history of conduct I think it's best you find your place with another ss13 community.

Resolving this.

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