[<Cynic716>] <SilverDeThuggles> - ban evasion misunderstanding

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[<Cynic716>] <SilverDeThuggles> - ban evasion misunderstanding

Postby SilverDeThuggles » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:50 pm #527318

BYOND account: <SilverDeThuggles>
Character name: <BritO!>
Ban type: <Server>
Ban length: <Permanent>
Ban reason: <Suspected alt of Jerrykindler. If you are not connected to this account please make an appeal on the forums.>
Time ban was placed: <2019-12-04 22:11:03.>
Server you were playing on when banned: <Event Hall>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <12509>
Your side of the story: <After running someone over as a mulebot I was bwoinked. And after that was resolved I was told something along the lines of, “LMAO! You almost got away with ban evading.” I expressed confusion before being told that I had max capped the station the night prior. The admin eventually told me that I shared the IP of someone who had recently been banned. I told them that I just hadn’t turned my VPN off before opening up BYOND that day. That being the reason I shared an IP with the banned user. I had also told them that I had over 100 hours on the server. And that I wouldn’t throw away that much time just to blow up the station.>
Why you think you should be unbanned: <I’m not Jerrykindler and I did not maxcap the station. I literally have no idea how to do toxins since, similarly to engineering, it is something I have absolutely no interest in.>
References of good conduct: <I usually try to make the game fun for other players Whenever I’m antag I usually come up with an elaborate gimmicky plan like turning half of the station into sith lords that execute a scuffed version of order ssethity sseix or a romerol bombing prefixed by a clown in a suit give a ted talk. I’ve also just generally helped new players learn the game when I’m in a position to do so. I’m also just not the guy that blew up the station while I was probably off studying or sleeping>

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Re: [<Cynic716>] <SilverDeThuggles> - ban evasion misunderstanding

Postby cynic716 » Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:07 am #527333

You have the same Computer ID as an alt of a permabanned user which means you've used the same computer. If you have hard evidence that you are not actually connected to JimmyKindle then now's the time to present it, otherwise this appeal is denied.
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Re: [<Cynic716>] <SilverDeThuggles> - ban evasion misunderstanding

Postby SilverDeThuggles » Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:46 pm #527482

It is impossible to prove a negative. I can, however, tell you that I definitely did not destroy the station. I am a regular player of this server. I am a regular good rule-abiding player of this server. I thoroughly enjoy this server. When I play ss13, I play on this server. I would do nothing to harm this server. I am not Jerrykindler. I do not know how he had the same computer ID as I do. When you said he had the same IP address as mine, that was possible because I had failed to turn off my VPN and we may have been connected to the same VPN server. But, having the same computer ID as me is absolutely impossible. Frankly, it is impossible for anyone other than me to access this computer. So, unless Jerrykindler broke into my home, used my computer, and left without being noticed, the incident did not originate from my computer. The only thing that I can think of is that perhaps Jerrykindler faked my computer ID. Regardless, I did not commit any bannable offense and I never would because I thoroughly enjoy playing on this server. I would not commit such a petty offense and risk losing my access to my favorite server.

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Re: [<Cynic716>] <SilverDeThuggles> - ban evasion misunderstanding

Postby MortoSasye » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:32 pm #527496

This person CIDs and IPs are not connected to any other ckey currently on the server, you can check that here: https://tgstation13.org/tgdb/playerdeta ... dethuggles and here https://sb.atlantaned.space/tgdb/player ... dethuggles (only admins can see it)
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Re: [<Cynic716>] <SilverDeThuggles> - ban evasion misunderstanding

Postby HommandoSA » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:36 pm #527503

One of the IPs he used was connected to Jerry, but it was an IP linked to a VPN. Silver was unbanned last night.

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Re: [<Cynic716>] <SilverDeThuggles> - ban evasion misunderstanding

Postby Cobby » Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:51 am #527553

I told them (cynic) wrong and this user is unbanned.
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