[Phuzzylodgik] kokman - permaban

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[Phuzzylodgik] kokman - permaban

Postby kokman » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:40 am #534794

BYOND account: Kokman
Character name: ( i dont find and dont remember )
Ban type: ban
Ban length: permaban
Ban reason: metacomm with irinoia
Time ban was placed: 2019/10/13 05:51:37
Server you were playing on when banned: [/tg/Station Event Hall: Sseth overflow event. [ENGLISH] [EU] [100% FREE LAG] — Understaffed Station 13
Round ID in which ban was placed: ID 43721
Your side of the story: well i did everything
Why you think you should be unbanned: when i get baned i was noob, and i just wanted to have fun, but now i know how to play and i really want to play right this time
References of good conduct: beat station and fulp station (im trying to get unbanned from others server what i get banned too, but until now just beat station)

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Re: [Phuzzylodgik] kokman - permaban

Postby capn_monkeypaw » Tue Jan 14, 2020 4:56 pm #535580

For transparency's sake, here is the full note from your ban:

Code: Select all
Banned from the server permanently - Admitted to the use of metacomms with ******* and *******, stating they had called their traitor friend over to aid in the murder of the Captain.
Disconnected after being confronted.
Thanks but no thanks. Feel free to appeal on our forums after you read our rules if you want to play here again.

We consider the use of metacomms to be a serious offense, particularly when employed to coordinate grief of the variety described above.

Despite this, I was inclined to lift your ban in appreciation of your candor.

However, it appears that you decided to submit this appeal only one day after receiving a 21-day ban from BeeStation.

This leads me to believe that this appeal is motivated by something less than a change of heart.

This appeal is denied.

If you keep your nose clean between now and October and resubmit with another server's vouch, I'll very likely lift this ban.

See you then.

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