[Phuzzylodgik]Battle Bruva Ben - ban evasion missunderstanding

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Battle Bruva Ben
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[Phuzzylodgik]Battle Bruva Ben - ban evasion missunderstanding

Postby Battle Bruva Ben » Sun Feb 02, 2020 4:14 am #538638

BYOND account: Battle Bruva Ben

Character name: Jack Genocide

Ban type: Permanent ban

Ban length: Permanent

Ban reason: Playing as a non-antag, murdered a fellow escape pod passenger during evac. Disconnected while admin was typing a pm so a single day ban became permanent

Time ban was placed: 2019-10-14, 02:10:18

Server you were playing on when banned: Event Hall

Round ID in which ban was placed: 121376

Your side of the story: I was drinking during the round since it was fairly late at night which i feel influenced my decision to wordlessly murder a cargo tech(i think???) hiding in a locker in the escape pod with me, when pm'd by the admin i responded with a one liner which didnt provide any justification for my action, i think did rightfully deserve a ban. I had initially thought I was being left off with warning to not do it again and re-read the rules since this was my first offence, I closed the client after the server began setting up for the next round since the admin had not replied and it was quite late and i had been drinking.

Why you think you should be unbanned: This is the only SS13 server i really played on since its the only one i grew familiar with, I learned alot about ss13 from /tg/ alone. I also havent played much SS13 in the 5 months odd that i've been banned for. I can't say much else except I do apologise for my conduct and lack of patience during that round.

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Re: [Phuzzylodgik]Battle Bruva Ben - ban evasion missunderstanding

Postby capn_monkeypaw » Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:40 am #539013

Apologies for not replying sooner, I was out of town all weekend.

In the interest of accuracy, here is the full note that accompanied your ban:

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Playing as a non-antag, wordlessly murdered a fellow escape pod passenger during evac. When asked why, he replied: "I felt intimidated by his presence."
You can't kill other players without justification if you're not an antagonist.
Disconnected while I was typing this, so a single day ban becomes permanent.
If you'd like to rejoin us, please review our rules and appeal on the forums.

As stated above, your perma was a "please come to the forums and explain yourself" ban. Seeing that you have done so and given the passage of time, I see no reason to not lift this ban and have done so. You may return to any of our servers at your leisure. I might suggest, however, using a name other than "Jack Genocide" in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to appeal and I look forward to seeing you in-game.

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