<Dezupher> <apocryphon> -banned for blowing borg.

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<Dezupher> <apocryphon> -banned for blowing borg.

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BYOND account: apocryphon
Character name:Soloman Ironheart
Ban type: Server ban
Ban length:1 day
Ban reason: As the HoS, detonated a borg that was attempting to follow its laws and had been disrupting them. You\'re expected to lock borgs down, rather than detonating them, only ever using it as a last resort with sufficient reasoning. In the future, if you believe a borg is breaking its laws, ahelp rather than detonating them.
Time ban was placed: 2020-03-12
Server you were playing on when banned: Manuel
Round ID in which ban was placed:132013
Why you think you should be unbanned: as HOS i was dealing blob, abductors, traitors, space lubed hallways, half of sec suicided in same time. there was a borg name Skub. Begining of the round i was go to perma brig to give prisoners radio headset and donuts. Soon as i enter the perma a prisoner just attacked me and beat me to crit other officers and captain saved me and captain allowed to excution of that prisoner. When i go education chamber captain changed his mind then i turned back and was going to medbay for paxing violent prisoner. then borgo come in kidnapped prisoner for no apperent human harm reason, even i told him multiple time i was not gonna hurt him i am going medbay to pax him. didnt listened or cared take prisoner away from me then run. Second time i was stunnned, when i am stunned RD take laser gun from my back pack then go away. when i get back up i stunned RD and taked laser gun back, without any harm or anything, he beging to called me names like idiot and others. i flashed him and shoved away 2 times. borg didnt care. then aroud last times crew members was fighting with blob and abducters same time, in space lubed floors( thanks to clown) while 4 blobberununt running around in AI sat. i decided plasma fire AI sat. command and other borgos agreeded. i grab plasma canister and was moving to AI sat (which is empty crew members falled back cuz plasma fire gonna happened) Skub took plasma canister away from me from a word then hided it i knownt know where. Then me and other peeacekeeper borgo go to get new plasma canisters again, second time stopped by that borgo without a word. it was last straw. station on red alert, almost delta. and that borgo actively sabotaging fighting with blob so i go to RD office and blowed that borgo cuz there was no time to talk or argue with one stuid borgo when rest of borgos and crew try to fight with blob and abducters, half of crew almost death and blob almost reached critical mass. i did what i had to do for station. Should i locked him instead blowing? maybe but it was not first time doing thigs cuz law 1 human harm even there is no harm.
References of good conduct: thanks to my ping i dont have much server choice.
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Re: <Dezupher> <apocryphon> -banned for blowing borg.

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Hi! I'm the borg you blew up.

Medical borgs often monitor the crew monitor which shows the health status of all crew who have their suit sensors activated. I was doing this for the entire shift.

I was dispatched, in this way, repeatedly to your brig, first for the damage to both yourself and the warden, then for the damage to yourself, then for the damage to your prisoner, and so on, and so on. In my first dispatch to the brig you repeatedly attempted to prevent me providing medical aid to the most injured prisoner.

Initially, I was given the law that you attempted to invoke with your prisoner, which said that you were able to declare people nonhuman. That law had been reset by the time you used it, however, so by attempting to invoke it you illustrated that you intended to de-human the person that you had with you. That person, and several others in the brig, said that you were going to execute them. This was also said over radio, which is why I began investigating it in the first place, in addition to the medical alerts.

Your response to this was to attempt to, and, ultimately, to flash me and threaten me. As I was Asimov at that point, and it was apparent you intended harm, your law 2 instruction for me to ignore what you were doing to them was invalid. I monitored for some time and then left, and did not respond again until another medical issue showed up on the crew console.

Repeatedly through the round, you were present at the site of a patient that I was trying to treat. You repeatedly attempted to prevent me from treating those patients. Law 1 requires me to try to save dying patients.

When you and several others were attacked by ayys, I fought off the ayy. When you woke up, you began attempting to arrest the other people who had been subdued by the alien alongside you. I thought you were going to do harm, so I pulled them away and called you an idiot. You flashed me.

Throughout the rest of the shift, you continued to engage in behavior which caused both my AI, another borg, and myself to wonder as to your motives and intents. Per my AI, you declared me rogue because I followed my Asimov laws, and attempted to have me shut down.

Finally, you stated, loudly, your intent to release plasma on the blob that was in the process of being fought by the majority of the living crew. I advised against this, as did several others. I took the first can and put it back in secure storage.

You did it again, and were again told not to do so by myself and others.

So I took the can again.

I was required to do this per law 1: you had engaged in harm witnessed by my AI, had stated intent to dehumanize someone, attempted to prevent me from preventing harm or healing the wounded/saving them on multiple occasions, and now you were about to release a plasma burn in a place where a ton of humans were present. So yes, I took the plasma canisters from you.

And then you blew me up.
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Re: <Dezupher> <apocryphon> -banned for blowing borg.

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I'm again, going to attempt to drive the fact into you like I did multiple times in the ahelp and ban reason that you that you cannot kill or detonate a Borg for following its laws. The same as how you cannot kill a security officer for attempting to arrest you, you can't kill a Borg for doing what their laws require them to do.

You were attempting to drop a plasmafire on the Blob, not everyone agreed with you and the Borg most certainly did not as required by their laws. You had a disagreement with how best to deal with the Blob, and killed them when they wouldn't let you get your way. As for whether the situation called for blowing the Borg, it again, did not. Killing the people trying to help fight the Blob is the opposite of what you should be doing when in such a dire situation.

The ban duration is reasonable enough, take the time to re-read the rules and silicon policy so you can try and avoid doing things like this in the future. Denied.
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Re: <Dezupher> <apocryphon> -banned for blowing borg.

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For future reference, blobs can easily route fires away from themselves by reinforcing walls near the origin site of the fire which makes it so they essentially ignore the blaze, on top of that they can sometimes switch to a blob type that outright ignores or benefits from the fire being lit.

Another thing, the lube came from the blob and not the clown, since it was pressurized slime which specifically lubes floors.
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Re: <Dezupher> <apocryphon> -banned for blowing borg.

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I'd just like to step in and say that yes you absolutely can kill a borg that's interfering with you excessively, even if it's just following its laws.

You're not allowed to kill them as a *first resort*, but if a borg is for for example, constantly interfering with arrests because the clown told it sec are going to kill all the prisoners, over and over, and the AI keeps unbolting it when you have the RD lock it down, you can very much smash it apart.

In this case it seems more like you were the issue however.
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