[BrotherBeyond] Garfielp - Permed for escalation

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[BrotherBeyond] Garfielp - Permed for escalation

Postby garfielp » Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:33 pm #592607

BYOND account: Garfielp
Character name: Don't remember
Ban type: Server
Ban length: Permanent
Ban reason: Over escalation - Shot a person who was just released from brig into crit. Prior notes on escalation - left half way through ahelp. Appeal on the forums.
Time ban was placed: 2020-09-29 16:54:08
Server you were playing on when banned: Don't remember
Round ID in which ban was placed: 147316
Your side of the story: I don't remember the details as this was a while ago. I remember that I was in conflict with the person in question and that they had attacked me and we had an ongoing beef. Then I spotted this person committing another violence related crime and shot them outside of the brig to pacify them. Then, I got an admin message and started defending myself. I had messaged the admin back and forth for several minutes until eventually I stopped receiving a response. I had to go, so I disconnected from the server after 5+ minutes without a response from the admin. The ban was placed when I was offline.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I did escalate and the ban reason is fair, though a perma ban across all servers seems harsh. I want to be unbanned for a very simple reason and that's because I only played on the TG servers and they were my favorite by far. I haven't played much SS13 since the ban because no other server compares to the TG experience. I can prove to you all that I'm a good player and that I'm ready to not be a dick and over escalate conflicts. Please unban me, I've learned my lesson. I love TGstation. Hope you give me a chance and let me back on the servers even if it means keeping a close eye on me. PEACE

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Re: [BrotherBeyond] Garfielp - Permed for escalation

Postby Timberpoes » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:23 pm #592633

BrotherBeyond has been notified on the Discord server of this ban appeal. Ordinarily the banning admin will deal with their own appeals, but I've been told by another admin that BrotherBeyond may not be at maximum activity recently, so if he doesn't get around to answering within 3 days from the time of your appeal going up please feel free to post again and bump this up so we notice it.
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Re: [BrotherBeyond] Garfielp - Permed for escalation

Postby BrotherBeyond » Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:57 pm #592667

Hiya! I'll start things off by saying you've been unbanned by the time you've read this message.

The reason for the ban was to get you to explain yourself on the forums. Since it's been well over any reasonable length of time I'd have banned you for this situation, I'll just unban you.

Please be more careful in the future and don't hesitate to create an appeal if anything like this happens again in the future.

Have fun mate.

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