[pickleinspector] WatermelonBill - metagaming

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[pickleinspector] WatermelonBill - metagaming

Postby WatermelonBill » Sat May 23, 2015 3:16 am #89995

WatermelonBill and I think my player name was Cheech at the time
Metagaming permaban
2013-06-02 17:29:15 Central time
I appealed this one other time close to two years ago, so this is my second appeal. Anyway, I was working in genetics with a friend I knew in real life, and he was showing me how to do it over skype. He also gave me a basic tutorial on how to use genetics to get powers. While we were doing this we got flagged by an admin for metagaming, and sice this was my friend's second offense, we were both permabanned. After we both made an appeal we were allowed to have one of us be unbanned so that neither of us would ever be on at the same time again. However, time has passed and I no longer talk to the friend I was banned with. It's been nearly two years since I was banned and I would very much like to play this game. I have learned my lesson about metagaming and since I'm not really friends with that person any more, I don't think that will create any conflict.

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Re: [pickleinspector] WatermelonBill - metagaming

Postby Summoner » Sat May 23, 2015 9:10 am #90034

Oh hey, I remember this ban pretty well when I was near the end of my admining. I'll give some information I remember for current admins for this:

HBL and Biblemelts took over this ban request while Pickle was doing a break from admining and spacestation, it was decided that by WatermelonBill here to unban his friend and another guy and take the fall for this (Ch0mp, Pylon and I think a guy named Banon). The ban was given due to them metaing silently together and told to stop it, but they went to do science or something and weren't speaking. So Pickle decided to ban them after they continued metaing over Skype.

Oh and your IC name at the time was Chong, you all had some werid names like that.

That's about all I remember from this.

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Re: [pickleinspector] WatermelonBill - metagaming

Postby TechnoAlchemist » Sun May 24, 2015 4:49 am #90175

You're unbanned

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