Summoner99 AI/Cyborg Job Ban

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Summoner99 AI/Cyborg Job Ban

Postby Jacough » Sun May 24, 2015 5:35 am #90179

Your byond account: Jacough
Your character name: Kreyvn Morhed
Their character name: VPR-6
Their byond account(optional, but useful if you can provide it): Summoner99
Server and time: Sybil 10:05 PM
Logs and/or screenshots:
Description of what happened:Right, so I was an atmos technician in this round. Not too long into the round some plasmaman fuck decides to sabotage atmos and try to flood the station with plasma. He fails miserably and only really manages to pump plasma into escape and security. I undo his sabotage, escape is quickly cleared of almost all plasma to the point where it's pretty close to breathable. As far as I remember it was done without any causalities and with the exception of some burnt tiles and a hallway that was superheated for only a minute or two (you can see in the logs that I was regularly checking the temperature of escape and the temperature was reduced to hospitable levels pretty quickly) very little harm was done to the station. So, plasma floods are minor to the point where they're more than easy to deal with, the perpetrator is a painfully obvious suspect that security wouldn't have any real difficulty apprehending (A bright orange space suit that he can't even remove without bursting into flames is a dead giveaway). Everything should be back to normal and the round should continue with no problem right? NOPE! Summoner decides to call the shuttle anyway and even goes as far as to lock down the bridge and refuse access to anyone. Multiple people were screaming at him that the situation was under control and ordering him to open the bridge so they could recall the shuttle. As the CMO pointed out
[Common] Kinuia Seaweaver (Chief Medical Officer) says, "There is no further human harm with it cleaned up. Thus Law 1 no longer takes affect. Law 2, open the bridge."

What was Summoner's response to this?
[Common] VPR-6 (AI Overmind) states, "No."

I ahelped it but it was ruled valid by SlyFox who said that it was allowed because there was "still some plasma in security and the perpetrator who was still walking around". Honestly I think this is absolute horse shit because as I established before, the sabotage was VERY minor, had been undone, and the plasma in escape was dealt with quickly and with no problem. Security wouldn't have been any harder to clean out and the perpetrator had been identified and could be easily captured due to the fact that he had no real way of disguising himself without bursting into flames and dying. The potential harm to humans was pretty much dealt with and could have been completely dealt with without a shuttle call.

Why they should be banned: This is a pretty shitty exploitation of Law 1 and a pretty blatant Law 2 violation despite being ordered by multiple people multiple times to allow a shuttle recall.

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Re: Summoner99 AI/Cyborg Job Ban

Postby ThatSlyFox » Sun May 24, 2015 6:07 am #90181

I ruled it valid because it was a minor annoyance for a couple people and I didn't feel comfortable using rule 0 for this. If another admin wishes to warn/ban them for this feel free.

Also another AI (candyclown) was involved in this so summoner isn't the only one at fault here.

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Re: Summoner99 AI/Cyborg Job Ban

Postby Summoner » Sun May 24, 2015 7:59 am #90200

VPR-6 here,

I wasn't the one who locked the bridge down and I don't even believed I ever called the shuttle, I think the Captain himself was the one who called it the second time after the CMO recalled.

The station had damage all over, we had lizards and plasmamen causing damage all over the station and there was quite a good amount of human harm occurring. You guys only fixed the Escape plasma leak but Security, Cargo and Arrivals was still quite plasmaland. The issue wasn't just the plasma though, the plasmamen was going all around space causing more damage to anything that was in their path, they even killed security officers and looted them (I know this because they used security officer PDA to taunt me about how cool they were. Pretty funny). To your point of view it might of been minor but we had issues all over the station and we had no way to stop it so the best solution was to let the shuttle stay called. The reason of course we declined you and the CMO from entering Bridge is because the CMO recalled it last time and was there to recall it, he even said he was. I'll say for me and the other ai, we were just following laws to prevent human harm.

The only thing I did to you that made you even make this post was talk to you guys over radio to inform you that you weren't getting in.

Quick edit: You say in the logs that I said Yes to the plasma being fixed but I never said that. I checked your logs and it seems like the CMO got an answer that was meant for a different frequency, someone around that time said "AI." and I responded with "Yep?" and he wanted to know about what the lower half of science was called.

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Re: Summoner99 AI/Cyborg Job Ban

Postby Vekter » Thu May 28, 2015 5:05 pm #91325

Gonna have to go with Sly on this one. Laws are laws, and if the AI believes there's a significant threat to the station, they can certainly keep the shuttle called. Sounds like all hell was still breaking loose at the time.

Resolving this.

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