Nicolas Goebbles - Security Jobban

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Nicolas Goebbles - Security Jobban

Postby Degeneral » Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:43 pm #141352

Your byond account: Degeneral
Your character name: Diabolus Filius [Lawyer]
Their character name: Nicolas Goebbles [Warden]
Their byond account: /
Server and time: Sybil 15-12-18 20:00
Map: Box Station
Logs and/or screenshots:
First two minutes into the round and he thinks someone gave me access to security, at the bottom you can see small red line of text that reads "Nicolas Goebbles has stunned you with the stunbaton!" not sure why its so small.

Detective Jazmin vouching for me while he was permabriging me.

Officer Rayner telling him i dont deserve perma.

My "crimes". I never even touched him.

Description of what happened:

Near round start i walked in security office, warden told me to leave and he said i dont have access to that area than he batoned me and detective explained him that i actually have access to sec. office. Warden said we cant fool him and if i have access to SO i have access to armory which we proved i dont. He lets me go and says how i will be demoted if i ever let clown in brig no idea why he thought i let him in it was pretty clear officer left doors open behind him. Five minutes later i walk in security office look at him through window and giggle, which for some reason either made him really mad or is a crime so he runs at me with baton, i start running in circles and after minute of duking him he emptied whole taser shooting left and right, i decide its best to leave brig and contact hos or captain but as i was leaving borg rolled in and warden ordered him to arrest me. They managed to take me down so warden takes my id and radio headset and pulls me around station for 2 minutes we come to HOPs desk, he wasnt there so Warden pulls me to my office and leaves me there for 5 minutes cuffed to a chair. When he came back he pulled me to hops desk and told hop to remove all my security access.

He released me but i was mad i lost my briefcase my headset was gone, i was demoted for no reason and pulled around station and harassed for 10 minutes. I decided to contact HOS but he was busy so there was nothing else to do than take justice in my own hands. I made stunprod and ran in brig with it with intention to stun him and steal his id. Sadly i embarrassed myself and failed to stun him, he shot and cuffed me, and took me to perma. He stripped all my stuff and threw me in perma cell, i argued with him that i did no grand crimes that i dont deserve permanent sentence for running in brig which is trespass(5 min. max and keep in mind i didnt stun or disarm him i actually never touched him the whole round). When i asked him to tell me my crimes he came up with this "Security breach and entry", "Grand trespass","Assault on officer""And carrying weaponry with intent of harming". Prior to telling me my crimes he said i used lethal weaponry so one officer asked him what weapon i used and he responded "The most lethal of them all the stunprod".

So yeah thats basically it i got demoted for being in room i have access to and giggling, and than permabrigged for running in security with a baton.
To be clear i know running in security can be classified as major trespass (5 min.) and running at officer with baton can be classified as assault(5 mins.) even though thats really stretched because i never touched him. Having stunprod can be classified as possession of a weapon (2 min.) but i dont think i deserved permanent sentence for 12(maximum and stretched) minute crime.

Why they should be banned: Nicolas Goebbles is one of the worst Wardens/officers i ever met and Im requesting a jobban for security roles for harassing, demoting and permabriging me without reason and general incompetence and not understanding security role and different job access types.

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Re: Nicolas Goebbles - Security Jobban

Postby onleavedontatme » Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:07 am #141367

Shaps already handled/denied this request in game.

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