Collin Berkheimer/Lispel Hamspike - Metaknowledge, etc.

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Collin Berkheimer/Lispel Hamspike - Metaknowledge, etc.

Postby TheNightingale » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:05 pm #142981

Your byond account: TheNightingale
Your character name: Ho-Ho-Ho
Their character name: Collin Berkheimer (HoP); Lispel Hamspike (Assistant)
Their byond account(optional, but useful if you can provide it): Not sure, they didn't 'fess up in OOC after.
Server and time: Sybil, round ended 16:56 GMT
Logs and/or screenshots: I couldn't take any, but the public logs should appear tomorrow.

Description of what happened: Shortly after I join as Warden, I see the HoP running out of the Armory carring laser rifles. The Armory is empty. I give chase, but he escapes; I track him for a while, and find him on the Central z-level, through an adminspawned ladder to the Thunderdome. He shoots at me, but I successfully take him down. Since I can't take him through the ladder, I execute him; his last words were that he can respawn, and he's hidden a spare all-access ID.
A short while later, I return to the Armory, and it's been looted again - this time, the tasers and riot shotguns are missing, as is a set of riot gear. Lispel Hamspike runs into my office with full riot gear and a taser, and shoots the Detective; I tase him back, then laser him into critical condition, cuff him, and try and heal him. He succumbs, whispering "F**k you HoS". I test his ID, and it's all-access. When the round ends, neither was an antagonist.

Why they should be banned: Collin and Lispel are the same person. After Collin steals all the energy guns and laser guns from the Armory, he resists arrest and tries to shoot Security. After he dies, he respawns as Lispel, a different character, then uses knowledge from his past life to take the spare ID he stashed and loot the Armory with it.

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Re: Collin Berkheimer/Lispel Hamspike - Metaknowledge, etc.

Postby Shaps-cloud » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:42 pm #142983

I looked into this and yeah it was the same person, GradusNL. Apparently respawn had been enabled by PAS, so I'll direct them to the thread or something since that seems relevant
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Re: Collin Berkheimer/Lispel Hamspike - Metaknowledge, etc.

Postby peoplearestrange » Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:38 pm #142991

As was announced at the beginning of the round, and quite a few times in OOC during the round, it was a team deathmatch/laser tag event on central. There was no "normal" round as such and no one was required to fill roles or any other such responsibilities.

In hindsight should have blocked off the arrivals so people couldnt leave and had to go to central. But was pretty busy sorting out the teams and weapons.

TL:DR Was event round nothing was required of players to be or RP on the station at that time.
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Re: Collin Berkheimer/Lispel Hamspike - Metaknowledge, etc.

Postby lollerderby » Sun Dec 27, 2015 6:02 am #143090

This would be pretty bad behavior normally but as a meme event round *shrug.
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