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Jonathan Talist - Ordered me destroyed for following Law 1

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:44 am
by Beegix
Your byond account: Beegix
Your character name: Tailgate
Their character name: Jonathan Talist (Captain)
Their byond account(optional, but useful if you can provide it): No idea
Server and time: Sybil, about 1.30am GMT
Logs and/or screenshots:
Description of what happened:

I was a borg. At the start of the round, as I was heading for my cell upgrade, I came across Lola Cobblestone in a dark corridor. When she saw me she immediately ran away, dropping her shoes for some reason. I noted it to the AI as weird, and kept an eye out for her while whizzing round the station. I came across her a few times, and bothered her like an annoying child. She was being sketchy, but not harmful. She made the most of it by ordering me to open doors for her. Eventually I caught her breaking into the vault, and tried to persuade her to stop being weird while I transformed into a Secborg. She did not, and ordered me to leave and ignore that she was in the vault. ASIMOV, so I did.

Presently, there was a manhunt for her. That meant she wasn't in the vault, so I gave chase, along with the rest of the Sec force. While this was going on, she was continually threatening harm if her demands were not met. Eventually I ran head-first into her and fired my disabler, dropping her. I quickly cuffed her, and started to pull her away to Security, as there was considerable reason to believe that she was armed and dangerous. As I did, people ran up to her and started kicking her while she was down. I ordered them to stop harming, but while I did Nathan Ward dragged Lola away. I gave chase, and disabled him as I had Lola, as there was reason to believe if left to her own devices she would harm. I cuffed him, and a Security Officer dragged Lola to the brig. Nathan ordered me to release him, and as I was ASIMOV and he'd done nothing actually harmful, I did so.

Lola ordered the AI to watch her at this point, as she thought she was going to be harmed. As I was not sure if the AI was active, I took it upon myself to do so. Not doing would have been a violation of Law 1. I proceeded to the brig, where the Captain and around 4-5 Sec Officers were clustered around Lola. Lola immediately shouted orders for me to watch her "like a hawk". The Captain ordered me to leave, and I informed him that I could not as there was reason to believe that Lola would be harmed, and she had ordered me to keep an eye on her. While this was happening a lizardman Sec Officer attacked and slashed at Lola. Lola ordered me to kill him, and as he was a non-human I was obligated to do so, especially when he'd attacked her. That order was countered quickly, and I left it be, as the lizardman had ceased his attempts to attack Lola. The Captain stated that he was going to perma Lola, and I informed him that I would supervise. All the Security Officers present followed us in, and Lola shouted orders for me to watch her all the while. The Captain tried to stop me by stating that his rank meant his orders superseded Lola's. I told him that ASIMOV did not work like that, least of all when there was human harm involved.

Lola was dragged into Perma and cuffed to the bed. I told those present that she must be uncuffed and given a proper prisoner's uniform. One of the Security Officers called Lola out for committing murders. She asked what murderers she'd committed. I stated none, as I had been tailing her for most of the round and had observed no harm on her part, let alone murders.

At that point, the Captain ordered Security to destroy me. He emptied his laser gun into me, and the Officers rushed me, flashing me and attacking me. As they were mostly human, I had no choice but to flee. They chased me into a small room and destroyed me. The Captain and the Sec Officers then immediately swarmed into Perma and beat Lola to death.

Why they should be banned: It's completely bullshit to have a borg destroyed for following it's ASIMOV lawset. I was being ordered to keep an eye on Lola by Lola, in order to avoid harm. There was no evidence to suggest she was non-human, like a borg or a shadowling or something, and there was not even a suggestion of such a thing. Even though she was clearly dodgy/probably a traitor, she was still human in my eyes. Though she had threatened harm, I'd seen her cause none, not even in self-defence. Moreover I had been as much of a hindrance to her during the round as a help to her, dogging her and bothering her while she went about her business. It was me who captured her, and then recovered her after she was liberated. There was no reason to suspect me of being on her side. Even if the Captain suspected me of being rogue/traitor/compromised, a lockdown would have sufficed. Instead I was destroyed and left for dead. I was thankfully resurrected by a chaos magicarp in the final few minutes of the round, but I was locked down and could do nothing but be dragged to the shuttle.

Re: Jonathan Talist - Ordered me destroyed for following Law

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:51 am
by Deitus

Re: Jonathan Talist - Ordered me destroyed for following Law

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 3:03 am
by TechnoAlchemist
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