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Please post any positive or negative feedback for the administrator here.
This is not the place to discuss ban appeals, admin complaints, or ban requests.
This is for specific feedback for this administrator.
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Re: Omega_DarkPotato

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I'm not gonna say that I agree with all of omega's ideas. I disagree with some of his takes on what LRP should and shouldn't be, and think that sometimes he makes decisions and takes actions that don't really "fit in" with the sort of judgement I've come to expect on sybil.

However, even if I disagree with how he might decide to act or enforce the rules, I think that he's still a good admin - interactions with him have been pleasant in all circumstances.
He's a cool dude, even if we don't see eye-to-eye, and I feel that he actually cares about our (the players') experience quite a bit. It's nice to have someone dedicated like that.

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Re: Omega_DarkPotato

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Seems to have a good grasp about the spirit of the rules and a good common sense about the lines defining what players should and shouldn't do. Though friendly and pleasant to be around, I know he's a no-bullshit type of person, who can be harsh if the situation demands it. I also know he deeply cares about the community, which is important.

Seeing his name in adminwho brings me a sense of tranquility and anguish cause it means he won't be playing that round!.

I'm certain he already is and will be a great addition to the team!
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