Moderation - how it works in this forum

Discuss policies and candidacies with the potential Headmins.
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Post a thread if you want to be a candidate. Must not be permabanned from the game servers or blacklisted.

Reply to a thread to interact with headmin candidates. Rules

Do not spam the same question in multiple threads, use the debate subforum for that.
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Moderation - how it works in this forum

Post by oranges » #384676

If a candidate (and only a candidate) reports a low effort post, like say, a spray of posts by a notorious forum poster then I'll delete them, or if possible edit the post to ensure only substantive comments remain.

Each candidate has the right to choose who they will reply to and they don't have to reply to meme posts cluttering up their thread.

If I end up deleting a lot of your posts I'll put you on post approval for these two forums.

Constant low effort or disruptive content posts will be deleted, and people will be put on post approval very quickly, there is no room for the usual sort of memery and non serious conversation found in other forums.

Threads that are not judged to be a serious attempt at running for headadmin will be removed.

Headadmin adjacent threads can be made, such as a newspaper about election affairs etc, but question threads should go into the candidate debates subforum.

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