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Discuss policies and candidacies with the potential Headmins.
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Life of a Headmin FAQ

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What the fuck do the headmins even do?
  • They decide policy and rules text
  • Post policy notices to admins to try and bring some consistency to admin rulings. (if you think this isn't working, instead consider how much worse it would be if they weren't doing this)
  • Handle permission book keeping stuff on discord, the game servers, and the forums.
  • Control policy and gameplay related configs on the server.
  • Advise on gameplay or policy disruptive Pull Requests
  • Promote admin trainers and prune staff rolls of inactive admins
  • Decide on all admin appointments 3 times (once when being added as a candidate, again when going to trial, and finally after reviewing their trial review thread to promote to fullmin.)
  • Handle admin complaints and mentor/coach admins on better approaches (or demoting when appropriate).
  • Review ban appeals. (and often actively reviewing recent bans and notes for anything that seems off)
  • Represent the server in host chat, a discord server containing hosts and headmins from over 30 different ss13 servers.
  • Take reports related to serious community offences like doxing from players, admins, and other servers via hostbus.
(Other server remote desktop related tasks omitted because thats changing as we move to all linux for our stack)

How do headmins make decisions and reach consensus?
Over discord the headmins discuss things in headmin-bus and policy bus, making arguments for or against, with each headmin often stating their overall lean on the subject and announcing when arguments start changing their mind.

At the start of each term, the headmins agree on what level of, well, agreement, is required for certain actions. During this, they differentiate between informed majority votes and uninformed majority votes, where the former requires waiting a reasonable amount of time for all 3 headmins to weigh in before deciding, and the latter allowing 1 headmin to find another who agrees with them without even waiting to hear the 3rd's view.

Such charters might look something like this:
Policy Discussion - Informed vote.
Admin Complaints - Informed vote.
Ban Appeals - Uninformed vote, unless the ban is controversial which should be an informed vote.
Candidating - Unanimous.
Promotion to Trial - Unanimous.
Promotion to Game Admin - Unanimous.
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