BorisVcBorison- working to make the server worse

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BorisVcBorison- working to make the server worse

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Hello, I am Boris Vc Borison, if you have not heard of me, this makes perfect sense as I am irrelevant.

I have been an admin for most of a year, and have not done anything actually of value to the greater community during that period. This is in-line with my Sweeping, Incompetent, and Unlikely to actually be implemented even if I was voted for Headmin plan, the

This Project will of course involve the banning of every single player, to establish a server for admins by admins, the ultimate cure to the disease of /TG/, people actually having fun.
As we all know, SS13 was made to cause intense pain, not for the creation of joy. We will return to these ancient and valued systems by systematically removing all non-atmos simulator content, to return to a greater age. How will I do this, when Headmins are not given codebase influence?, Why am I doing this, when it is an incredibly stupid plan?, Why am I writing a series of questions that you aren't asking? Easy answer to all 3 questions: Stop asking questions, and start voting for the Server-Worse-Ification-Project.

In Summary
vote for someone actually good.
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Re: BorisVcBorison- working to make the server worse

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Not funny, closed as a non serious platform, try again seriously.

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