ITT Admin confessions and fuck ups.

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Re: ITT Admin confessions and fuck ups.

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Bottom post of the previous page:

ran a xenomorphs round on manuel a while ago
arm turned off ghost roles so ghosts would be available for new xenos
turns out doing that prevented larvas from chestbursting so xenos died out every time
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Re: ITT Admin confessions and fuck ups.

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one time there was a swastika in the chapel, i sent a light missile down after making sure nobody was nearby, but it didn't really do anything. sent another one down that was a bit more powerful, and ron lemon and someone else both walk in out nowhere and both die and get sent down a z-level. revived them and relocated them with a "shhhhh" pray message
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Re: ITT Admin confessions and fuck ups.

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Was memeing back and forth with a mime through subtle messages. I didn't realize he was about to go crit so I BSA'd him which gibbed him in the middle of medbay. Control + shift + Left clicked his ghost to immediately bring him back, but I still felt bad about it.

The worst thing I think I've done involved Imszx. I failed to check his objectives when he was an antag so I thought it was the standard traitor Lexia murderbones the entire station round. Turns out he had the hijack objective. I dropped a 6 man ERT team on him. He proceeds to murder every single one of them and complete the hijack. I felt terrible when I noticed the hijack objective and I didn't want to delete the ERT. I've been a bit more careful about ERT deployment since then.
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