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MRP Rule Updates

Postby Coconutwarrior97 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 3:29 am #570787

The MRP Rules have been updated, this thread covers what was specifically changed/added. Big thanks to Owegno for helping create this and the admin team for providing feedback on it.
To be clear, these rules do not apply to the main server, only to MRP ones.

Main Rule Updates
5. Antagonism, murderboning, and roleplaying as an antagonist. You're an antag, great! Try your best to play the role to drive the round forward, inserting conflict into the round is important. Your actions should make the game more fun, more exciting and more enjoyable for everyone (Though some people will just lose, and that’s part of the game.). You can treat your objectives as suggestions on what you should attempt to achieve but you are also encouraged to ignore them if you have got a better idea. Certain antagonists are restricted to the kind of death and chaos they can bring to the round, while others are not; refer to the murderboning chart for specifics. You do not have to act in a nefarious or evil way, but you should make an effort to add to the round in some capacity.

6. When dealing with antagonists deal with them proportionally to their crime(s). Someone who stole the captain's medal shouldn't be immediately lasered to death, but lethal injecting someone who has killed four people is understandable. If an antagonist shows a willingness to engage with you, do your best to reciprocate it, though leniency as to their punishment is still in your court.

7. Do not spam in either OOC channels or IC channels. This applies to both typical spam and reading porn or copypastas (like WGW). In the latter case, even one instance of reading it once in-game is against the rules.

8. Do not powergame. Powergaming is gearing up or preparing in other ways to face an issue that is not related to your job. A doctor stocking up on a massive amount of medical chemicals is fine, but an engineer grabbing weapons to defend themselves when there is no threat to them is powergaming.

What IS/ISNT Murderboning?

Murderboning refers to killing a large portion of the station's population. Generally, if you're going room to room in a staffed department and openly killing everyone present, you're probably murderboning. Killing people who aren’t included in your objectives is not murderboning.
Killing members of a crowd trying to take you down, witnesses to a murder you commited, or crewmembers pursuing you are not qualified as murderboning; though they may end with a high killcount. These actions should be a LAST resort, not something actively sought out to evade restrictions.

Rule 5 Precedents:
1. In general, make an effort to roleplay as the antagonist role you've been assigned. If you want to break with what is expected of your role then you can but it should make sense for your character to do this and should create some form of conflict. A traitor immediately outing themselves to security and acting as a regular crewmember for the rest of the round is boring and is a waste of the role. However one who pretends to do so in order to get security gear, falsely imprison their target, and kill them while they are isolated in prison contributes to the round.

Security Policy and Precedents
Security and Punishments: When dealing with the crew and antagonists, make sure their punishments are in proportion to their crime(s). Minor crimes such as departmental break-ins, stolen equipment should be met with short, but increasing sentences depending on recurring visits by the apprehended. Stealing critical station equipment and items such as the hand teleporter, Chief Engineer's hardsuit, or AI upload boards are more severe crimes and should be met with longer prison times, or potentially permabrigging if the crime is deemed severe enough. Murder and Sabotage rank amongst the most severe of crimes and can generally be met with permanent imprisonment or death, though leniency can still be offered. These are all general guidelines, and the particular context of a situation can vary greatly, so you are given some leeway as to how harsh or lenient you can be. You should also make an effort, if the situation permits, to contact a superior as to their thoughts when a situation arises in which a prisoner may be executed or permanently imprisoned.

Rule 3 and Security: The chain of command within your department is the same as the regular servers, HoS -->Warden-->Officers/Detective. You are expected to follow the orders of your superiors, especially when determining the punishment of those you apprehend. When determining severe punishments such as perma, and execution, make an effort to contact a superior if the situation permits it. You are allowed to disobey a superior's order but make sure you have a very good reason to do so, as complete disregard for the chain of command is not tolerated.

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