mechanics behind grounding rods

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mechanics behind grounding rods

Postby OFQ » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:23 am #506643

I'm asking here because for some reason no mere mortal seems to know magnets grounding rods how do they work? Also I might experience a bug/weirdness/feature with them.

What's unclear:
  1. Does upgrading parts (capacitor) affects anything? What if two or more rods connected with a wire?
  2. Is there an upper limit of protection? Like why sometimes lightning jumps from them to other objects?
  3. Why surrounding overloaded SM with grounding rods seemingly does nothing? It still shocks the hell out of engine room.
  4. Do they attract lightnings in an area if so what is the range?
  5. Can a lightning jump over them if it targets something far enough?
  6. Is there a reason to place more than one grounding rod in adjacent tiles?
  7. Will placing a grounding rod on an active wire shock me/equipment? What if the wire is under the floor? Also Will that rod send current down the wire when zapped like tesla coils do?

Big thanks!

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Re: mechanics behind grounding rods

Postby CPTANT » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:43 am #506709

Grounding rods not catching supermatter overload lightening is an oversight.
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