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[Spoopy] Code/Sprite Bounty $15: Skeletal Goliath

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:16 pm
by Yakumo_Chen
As topic says. $10 for sprite, $5 for code.

Sprite: Ancient Goliath but its a skeleton with glowing red eyes. Optionally the tendril attack should be bone colored.

Code: rare goliath variant.
it should attack like a goliath but with added bleed effects, perhaps make the tendrils attack bleed+slow instead of stun and make the goliath faster to compensate. Maybe give it armor piercing too? Its attacking with sharp bone, it makes sense.
It should drop only bones. The crusher drop can be whatever, I dont know crusher stuff very well.
It should be examined as "An ancient, dead goliath revived by evil Necropolis magic. Its glowing eyes look hateful enough to murder a boat."

Dorf Fort references are always good

Re: [Spoopy] Code/Sprite Bounty $15: Skeletal Goliath

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 6:39 pm
by Arcanemusic
Is this bounty still open? I can probably get you the code for sure. (I tried sprites and it was a complete trainwreck)