Need advice for new weather event code.

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Need advice for new weather event code.

Post by vilereaver41 » #608884

Currently working on a map for tgmc in which a ship has been hit by a meteor and crashed on a xeno home world.

Looking to make a weather event in which meteors rain down doing knockback and damage but no cade damage.

Would anyone have advice on where to start with the code? I use Visual studio and can run debug/gitraken and can pr would just like some tips please.
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Re: Need advice for new weather event code.

Post by TheFinalPotato » #609339

You'd want something that picks a random tile around the map and "drops" an effect on it, when enough time has passed for that effect to have visually "hit the ground" you can do the knockback/damage.
There's two parts to this, the first is doing the things in a loop while the event is happening, and the second is the effect visuals and behavior.

I don't know how tgmc supports weather, and what that subsystem looks like, so I can't help with the loop bit, but if you want a similar visual effect you should look at how droppods or ashdrakes work on tg main.

You may also be better off asking in their discord dev channels, since they have more familiarity with the issue
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