Found a bug? Use the issue tracker

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Found a bug? Use the issue tracker

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Please don't report bugs here. They won't get noticed and fixed very quickly, if at all. Instead, use our issue tracker on github. When reporting issues, use this template. It makes diagnosing and fixing bugs easier.
Server: Which server were you playing on?

Revision: What revision was the server running? Type 'show-server-revision' ingame to find out.

Problem Description: What is the problem?

What did you expect to happen: Why do you think this is a bug?

What happened instead: How is what happened different from what you expected?

Why is this bad/What are the consequences: Why do you think this is an important issue?

Steps to reproduce the problem: The most important section. Review everything you did leading up to causing the issue.

Possibly related stuff (which gamemode was it? What were you doing at the time? Was anything else out of the ordinary happening?): Anything else you can tell us.
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