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Share your vote

Postby Rohesie » Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:30 am #592887

Alright, civility time over:
1) Take the list of candidates, remove yourself from it, and share it here in proper ranked order (as if you were voting in-game).
2) Tell us which of these you'd consider as acceptable choices and which you'd lament being elected (you can simply tell us which one on the list is the last acceptable one, for example).
3) Give further input on each, the reasons why they're in each selected position, if you want to expand on it (such as what are their good points that drive them up in the ladder, and which are the weak ones).

To help out in the task, the current candidates (alphabetical order, with the names they introduced themselves with on their posts):

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Re: Share your vote

Postby mrmelbert » Wed Feb 24, 2021 3:05 am #592923

I'm taking the bait Currently, my opinion as it stands:

    RaveRadbury - I'd like to see a 'primarily MRP' on the headmin council.
    Dezupher - Well knowledged about both sides of the community. A solid pick.
    Coconutwarrior97 - As the current headmin, as good pick for another term.
    armhulen - A generally good pick with agreeable ideas.
    Timberpoes - I appreciate what they're moving towards.
    Gogo9001 - Like Timberpoes, I appreciate what they're moving towards.
    FloranOtten - Respectable campaign.
    NamelessFairy - I like the idea of raising playtime requirements and getting old, unused things back into function.
    Blargety - Redoing the admin training ticket seems like a good idea.
    Naloac - Moving Manuel to its own adminbase is a very fascinating idea. I'm not sold on it personally.
    Stickymayhem - I'm not convinced on the no-rules server idea seeing how servers like Hippie end up.
    MortoSasye - Status quo is respectable but I would like to see SOME things changed.
    MrAlphonzo - Eh.

    Everyone above this point is an acceptable pick to me.
    (I have nothing against player candidates, I swear.)

    Iamgoofball - Not much in their platform at all.
    RiskySikh - Separating MRP just to get them to "shut up" doesn't seem like it's doing it for the benefit of the MRP players. Interesting idea, poor motive.
    Bytube - Eh.

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Re: Share your vote

Postby Timberpoes » Wed Feb 24, 2021 5:27 pm #593036

Are They Serious? aka The Wildcards aka "People I'd vote for if I was drunk" - These players could go ANYWHERE on my voting card and are my protest votes of choice when I'm drunk.
*. MortoSasye - My birbmin trainer. Still not certain Morto is running a serious platform, but they are one of the most kind and genuine people I've met on SS13 and would run a decent status quo platform.
*. FloranOtten - Asshole goose who yells at me when I made bad PRs. Hurts my feelings and forces me to hide behind papa oranges. Doesn't even play anymore. Toxic. Burned out.

Headmin Contenders aka "People I'd vote for if I wasn't drunk" - These players are the people I could reasonably see being headmin without too much drama.
1. Coconutwarrior97 -- Tried and tested. Third term burnout. Always keeps in touch. Sensible platforms. Burned out husk of a coconut. High on the vote list due to 2 past reliable terms.
2. NamelessFairy -- Strong platform of quality of life improvements and more events for all players. Non-controversial platform for genuine, positive change.
3. RaveRadbury -- Platform focusing on giving more teeth to Server Rule 11/Discord Rule 12, while supporting giving out fewer notes.
4. Dezupher -- Mix of LRP and MRP experience. Highly likely to make good headmin decisions for both rulesets regardless of platform, although their platform is weak outside of that.
5. gogo9001 -- Platform focusing on some niche stuff relating to rules and the wiki. Really good ideas within their niche. Limited platform impact otherwise
6. Nalzul -- Platform focusing on admin training. Don't personally see any of that as a priority. Limited information on platform beyond that.
7. Naloac -- Champion of LRP. Misguided views on MRP. Unsure if in good faith. Platform of splitting MRP off primarily populist rhetoric aimed at LRP voters.
8. Stickymayhem -- Administrative platform with a side helping of murderbone and rules. Middle of the pack, all things considered.
9. MrMelbert -- Platform focusing on MRP, delegating LRP responsibility to other headmins. Needs more experience of LRP to be higher up on the vote.
10. armhuelen -- Bit of a meme platform. Interesting ideas to make all tickets public. Players can already publicise their own tickets anyway.
11. Bytube -- A genuine and serious player platform. Misguided ideas and lack of experience with implementing them means bottom of the list. Elevated out of The Worst Timeline because they seem to genuinely be an okay person, despite their entire platform being "I genuinely don't know anything at all and I'd just have to constantly ask the players"

Worst Timeline aka "People who I'd be unable to vote for as I'd need to be genuinely, catatonically drunk to even consider it and thus I would be blacked out" - Players who should absolutely not be anywhere near the headmin role.
12. iamgoofball -- The most serious meme candidate. Secondary protest vote but may lose their spot to Bindy due to a focus on MRP. A nice guy except when you upset him, at which point he'll have a goof moment and likely end up alienating every player, headmin and admin from him and getting himself muted by the other headmins. Please do not relax our already lax naming policy. I want to avoid cKnoor/Bloodbowl level name memery.
13. MrAlphonzo -- Not a meme candidate. Platform focused around banning more people and being upset that admins exercise discretion. Chip on their shoulder, can be highly abrasive. No other platform stances of note. Please God no.
14. RiskySikh -- Meme candidate. Primary protest vote. If they got elected, outcome would end with their platform vetoed by the other two headmins and the admin team ignoring them as a whole. Worst of worst timelines.
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Re: Share your vote

Postby MortoSasye » Thu Feb 25, 2021 1:59 am #593142

only me

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Re: Share your vote

Postby Bytube » Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:41 am #593146

fikou - because fikou

everyone else - because not fikou
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Re: Share your vote

Postby Armhulen » Thu Feb 25, 2021 5:00 pm #593218

Everyone in Timberpoes#4951's worst timeline I'm voting above the people who actually have a chance and whose threads I dont like (and throwing alphonso into worst timeline)

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