Should families be added back in dynamic?

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Should families be added back in dynamic?

Postby chesse20 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 9:31 pm #593100

Currently the families Game Mode is currently unplayable due to dynamic being on 24/7 and families being disabled in it in both lrp and mrp, and with no secret game modes being proced there is no way to play.

Some players and admins love it, players can get together and hang out in gangs and roleplay and dress up in matching costumes, they can always have something to do in the form of graffiti.

While some players and admins hate it and want it removed. People getting gang member and instantly going to just shoot anyone that doesn't have the family name tag above their heads, people grouping together in gangs and calling anyone else in their gang slurs; security killing people just becuase they are a gang member even though they haven't committed a single crime just because they are afraid of getting murder-boned by the gang hunters.

Should families be added back to rotation instead of being unplayable due to dynamic not having it enabled?
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Re: Should families be added back in dynamic?

Postby mrmelbert » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:23 pm #593104

Not until Goofball finishes Families 3.0, and not on the LRP servers.

The current version of families isn't very fun for anyone while the 3rd version, testmerged on Manuel for a few rounds, received decently positive feedback but was unfinished. If version 3 made a re-appearance i'd be interested in reintroducing it to MRP servers, otherwise it can stay off until that happens.

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Re: Should families be added back in dynamic?

Postby Timberpoes » Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:08 pm #593120

Current Families is bad and made worse because of terrible policy regarding family members as antags. I have no intent to re-enable it on any servers.

Families 3.0 seemed to work well on MRP, but it genuinely needs a policy sweep to fit the game mode in properly with MRP. I had to bwoink sec on a number of the Families 3.0 testmerges to tell them that family members were not valid for immediate execution "to make a point" or to "make an example".

On LRP, I do not believe there is any appetite for more families or families-like content. It massively overtakes the shift, promotes huge amounts of tiding and generally ruins the shift for all but a very small number of players. Families 3.0 is better in this respect, but without policy changes to accompany it, hoo boy it's staying off LRP.
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Re: Should families be added back in dynamic?

Postby Gogodapogostick » Thu Feb 25, 2021 5:57 pm #593224

I am also not in support of adding families back unless it gets some massive changes, and even then the whole nature of the families does not really fit into LRP culture whatsoever. If Manuel wants to give it a try, I would be willing to allow it and hear their opinion on it, but it would still be a rather hard sell for me.

Also, as Timber said, the policy in families as is makes it unbearable really, as (at least on LRP) it's just a voluntary team antag murderbone pass for anyone who wants it, then the cops just kill everyone who was in a gang at the end of the shift because they can. Very few people enjoyed it, and it always turned the rounds into complete chaos where almost everyone was dead by the end.

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