[CitrusGender]Calibraptor - Yelled at me for killing a ling

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[CitrusGender]Calibraptor - Yelled at me for killing a ling

Postby Calibraptor » Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:19 pm #367447

Byond account and character name: Calibraptor - J.U.L.Y
Admin: CitrusGender
Time and Server(Bagil or Sybil) incident occurred: Bagil, Roughly 7:10AM-ish EST
Detailed summary: Time to vent some frustrations with everybody's favorite fruit.

I was a medical cyborg and observed a headslug impregnate a corpse. I saw the attack message, I saw the headslug drop dead shortly afterwards, and my medhud showed them as being infected. I proceeded to gib the corpse with the labor shuttle to prevent the body bursting into a changeling. I'm assuming either the ckey the corpse belonged to or the changeling that wanted to burst out of it ahelped it.

CitrusGender bwoinked me asking about it, and I stated the corpse was impregnated by a headslug as my reasoning for getting rid of the body. CitrusGender had told me the previous round during a separate issue that corpses are considered non-human, and agreed that gibbing the body was allowed. I figure the discussion should have ended at around this point.

But they then continued to chastise me and argue that I should have tried to operate and remove the headslug egg, and that I was taking a player out of the round by gibbing the corpse. Which, on this point I disagreed. The player in question was already dead and out of the round, and generally there should always be the expectation that once you're out of the round, there's a good chance you won't get back in.

This discussion continued well into the next round as well, distracting me from actually playing and just leaving me frustrated afterwards. I closed out of the game once I was fairly sure I wouldn't be getting a note or be eating a ban.

TL;DR: Gibbed a headslug infected corpse as a borg, CitrusGender confirms that this is okay as far as the rules are concerned, CitrusGender yells at me anyways because I didn't take the 'nicest' course of action.

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Re: [CitrusGender]Calibraptor - Yelled at me for killing a l

Postby imblyings » Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:35 pm #367451

i handled this with citrus when he approached me to ask about the situation

the tldr of it is, the optimal solution would have been remove the egg and revive the hijacked body but we don't expect players to be hyper competent on mechanics nor make optimal decisions in the same way admins can with the luxury of time and a lot of practice in making calls on policy, we wish players would go for the optimal solution but if that happened we wouldn't need admins

you didn't actually get a note or ban, I talked to citrus about it and they took it fairly well
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